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You are now about to step into the world of our 16 Hudson Games, which are games you can’t find anywhere else at this moment, so for anything in the world you can’t miss them, because you would only be missing out on the chance to have a lot of fun!

The 16 Hudson Games category was created in 02.02.2019 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 18 times and the best game from 16 Hudson Games it's The Pet Spa.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 15.01.2020 which it's Lucky Sam.

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We now want to welcome everyone back to Friv Games Today, where you are now on the page of the 16 Hudson Games category, which is a category of games that you got the possibility of finding for the first time on our website, with that proving once more why we are the best place for you to go looking for new games on the internet, because whenever a new series starts running on television, we are always the first website to bring you online free games based upon it. 16 Hudson is a television series, an animated one, meant for children, that has started airing at the end of last year, and now, at the beginning of this new one, we are happy to introduce to you the world of these online 16 Hudson Games, since we are positive that this show already ha lots of fans out there, and they would be glad to get the chance of playing more new games with their favorite characters. This is a show that is currently airing only on Canada, but we are positive this should not be a problem, as you can play the games even if you have not seen even one episode. Also, we are positive that very soon, this show is going to be broadcast in other parts of the world too, so when that happens, we expect lots of visitors coming from all over to check them out, and they will first come here, because we were the first ones to share these games with them! Also, this new show is a spin-off, or it is based on another show that used to air in the past, called Lili and Lola, which is why you will be able to find these games as Lili and Lola Games as well, and we are going to provide you with them also! Now, if you are not at all familiar with this new world, worry not, because in this following part of the article we will tell you what the show is all about, who are the main characters we follow in it, and when we are done with that, expect us to also tell you what kinds of 16 Hudson Games online for free you will find and play here, and you will surely start playing them immediately after! 16 Hudson is the name of the quiet street where the adventures you see our characters take part to happen in each episode. The show follows two families of neighbors, who treasure each other, despite their differences, and because of their similarities also. Everyone is friends here, and you get to learn about the cultures of all the families on this street, showing why we should stick together and be friends no matter what! Luc is four, is excited by everything, loves vehicles, and is quite the picky eater. He is also adopted. Lili is seven, follows the rules, thinks things through, and loves to paint and read. She is of Persian descent. Amala loves to work in the garden, at only six-years-old, and also loves to play with animals. Sam is seven, and he is Lili’s best friend and partner in crime. He loves sports, and usually quite happy-go-lucky. The families of these children are all diverse in heritage, orientation, and background, as well as personalities, and the show is meant to tell us that we can all get along, no matter how different we are, because diversity is a strength. Now that you know what this is all about, we think it’s time we told you what kinds of 16 Hudson Games you will be finding and playing on this page, no? The Pet Spa is a game where you will be caring for the animals of these families, which you will groom and wash and take care of at a spa, in Matami's Bakery you are going to work at a bakery and cook some of the most delicious sweets ever, and in Staking Badge, well, you will go skating, of course! There will also be coloring games, puzzle games, thinking games, skill games, and more, so not only will you have fun with them, but you are going to learn a lot and improve yourself greatly! Now you know all there is to be known regarding the 16 Hudson Games page, so you should really have no excuse at all not to start having fun with the games right away like only on our website is made possible! When you are done, make sure to check out plenty other categories that we have here for you, all equally awesome!