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We are very happy that right now we can invite you to the 3 Player Games category, where you will be able to find and play the best games in 3 players online on the internet, which is what we believe that you have come for on this page in the first place, since you know very well that Friv Games Today provides the best content on the internet!

The 3 Player Games category was created in 05.06.2018 and from there we added more than 54 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 41 times and the best game from 3 Player Games it's Fish Eat Grow Big.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 25.01.2020 which it's Stickman Party.

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3 Player Games is a category of friv games we have wanted to create on our website for quite a while now, and we are very happy to say that we have finally managed to do so, which means that our website has now become even better than it already was, with lots and lots of great and awesome games for you to find and play on this page, as we are positive that you will enjoy them greatly, just like we have had, because this category has been created in the first place because we have always had a really awesome time playing three player games, which is why we believe that friv 3 Player Games are some of the most searched for games on the web, because many children also love to play them, world-wide. Like we promise to do with all of our categories, you can be sure that we will make it real that our website is going to offer the best 3 Players Games online on the internet, so really, there is no point for you to go look for such games anywhere else, since you are already in the best place to find and play these games, and have a really fantastic time with them all. As time has went by, and online games have become more and more advanced, children have been more and more interested in playing multiplayer games online, because it is always more fun to play games together with other people, than by yourself, which applies to game you play in the real world, or as you would say, offline, but even more so in the world of online gaming. Having another person besides you, either to help you in your quests, or to face you off in some kind of battle makes a gaming experience way better than you would have if you were to interact solely with the computer. No matter how smart computers are, real players are always more difficult to face, which is why we believe that 3 player gamers have more fun at the same time. Now, while games in 2 players are more on the internet, we have seen that games in 3 players online are appearing more and more on the internet, which is not surprising at all considering how much fun we always have with them. Often times such games are created that are based on some of the shows you love seeing on television, with some of them also being included on our website. We could mention the following: Star Vs the Forces of Evil Creature Capture, Jake and the Neverland Pirates Puttin Pirates, Exchange Student Zero Battle Student's Slambook, Nickelodeon Spin & Win, or Peppa Pig Play Dodgeball. We are sure that you are going to be having plenty of fun with them, just like we did! There are of course, games that are not based on shows on television, but are original ones, with some of them including: War of Metal, Mini-Putt 3, Goose Game, Fireball And Waterball Light Up Sky, Fish Eat Fish, Total Tankage, and more. 3 Player Games can be very diverse, so no matter if you are a boy or a girl, the chances are very high that you are going to find games you like here, and that you will be able to have a tremendous time. The thing you need to be weary of when it comes to these games is that since you are three players that are playing, each one is going to use a different set of controls. Sometimes you all play at the same time, or sometimes you each take turns. The games can be made as such as the three players have to work together in order to achieve their goal, but often times they are as such that the three players are facing off with one another, weather it is a fight, a race, or a skill game. No matter the case, we are sure that if you give it your best, you have the highest chances in the world to win, and you are going to have a great time from start to finish! Well, that is everything that we wanted our visitors to know regarding the 3 Player Games category of our website, so we now want to invite you all to start playing these games on this page, and see yourself how great they are. Of course, remember that you need to invite two friends, sibilings, your parents, and such, because you will not be playing these games alone! Stay up to date with our website, by coming to it daily, and seeing how many awesome games we offer you on it, games with which we provide you the chance of having fun with daily, like only here it is possible, on Friv Games Today!