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All Disney Channel Games lovers have to try out our latest category, the Adventures in Babysitting Games category! Here you will find fun games based on the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie, one of the best the network has created. Only on our website can you find these awesome Adventures in Babysitting Games, so start playing them right now!

The Adventures in Babysitting Games category was created in 16.06.2016 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 152 times and the best game from Adventures in Babysitting Games it's Adventures in Babysitting Puzzle Mania.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 04.04.2017 which it's Adventures in Babysitting Clean Getaway.

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If there is one thing we really love about Disney Channel, is it's Disney Channel Original Movies, or DCOM as they are shortened. This network always creates some very interesting made for tv movies which are always very fun to watch and now, on the 24th of June, the 100th DCOM since the beginning of this network will be airing, and it is a film called Adventures in Babysitting, after which we have created the Adventures in Babysitting Games category. We know that just like with all the other Disney Channel Original Movies, this one will also produce a great number of interesting online games that girls and boys alike will want to play, and you will all be able to play Adventures in Babysitting Games, here, on! Now, this film is a remake of an older movie, and it has some of the most loved new actresses from Disney Channel like Sabrina Carpenter, who you know from Girl Meets World, and Sofia Carson, from another beloved DCOM, Descendants, where she played Evie. About the roles these two girls will play in the movie, about the wonderful Adventures in Babysitting Games you will be able to play on our webesite and many more things you will be able to learn straight from the continuation of this description, which we invite you to read right now! Sabrina Carpenter portrays Jenny, and Sofia Carson portrays Lola, and these two girls are very different from one another. Jenny is the girl who listens to her parents all the time, follows all the rules, is a great student, and her part-time job is that of a babysitter, where she is known as the best teenage babysitter. On the other hand we have Lola, who is the complete oposite of Jenny. She is rebellious, does not care for school, and does a lot of reckless things. One day, their phones got mixe up, so when Jenny was called for a babysitting job, Lola answered the phone, and recommended herself, wanting to go there and ruin Jenny's reputation. So, later, she arrives to the house, and does a lot of crazy things with the children, and Jenny joins them in their adventures. They have to go on the run from some evil characters, and they go on an incredible adventure through the city. The two girls will have to put their differences aside, learn from one another, and we are sure they will become great friends by the end of the film. With this short synopsis of the film that we have given you we hope to have made you curious about the film, and most of all, about the Adventures in Babysitting Games on our website. So far, you can play a very fun puzzle solving game, but just wait for the airing of the film, and you will see the number of Adventures in Babysitting Games increase very much, for sure! We hope you will enjoy playing Adventures in Babysitting Games, which we invite you to do right now!