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The best Amigo Pancho Games on the internet can now be found on our website, where we are very happy we have created this category, where we have no doubt at all that you are going to find many games to your liking, and have a really fantastic time, possible only here!

The Amigo Pancho Games category was created in 10.10.2017 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 14 times and the best game from Amigo Pancho Games it's Amigo Pancho 4.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 13.10.2017 which it's Amigo Pancho 8.

Read More About Amigo Pancho Games

The Amigo Pancho Games series is a long-running series of original flash games developed for the online medium, not affiliated with any television show or movie, which is a characteristic found in many of the recent categories of games we have added on our website, as we are trying our best to make sure that we make our website as diverse and as inclusive as possible, and adding series such as this one is definitely a step forward in that direction, a step that we are sure many of you are happy we have taken, which is clear in the number of times that these games have been accessed on our website. We are sure that there are going to be many of you playing Amigo Pancho Games as well, because these games are definitely great. If they had not been great and fun, would there have been eight of them created so far? We don’t think so, which is what prompted us to check out the series, and as soon as we started playing the games we had a terrific time, which made us create this page as soon as we could, so that we could also share these games with all of you here on our website! Of course, if you have already played at least one game from this series, then we have no doubt at all that you are already hooked on the idea of playing the rest of them, which is what you have already done, without even bothering to check what we have written here. Instead, if you are reading this description, then that means that you want to learn more about these games before starting to play them, and for you curious people out there we have written this description in the first place. In the next part of it we are going to use whatever little space we have left in order to tell you what is your goal in the games, and of course, how such games are played, so once you begin playing Amigo Pancho Games, no matter which one you start with, you are going to do a great job at them from the get-go, which is going to ensure that you have a really fun time, something we believe is true for no matter which category of games we have here on, the best website ever! In each level of the game, your goal is to help Amigo Pancho escape from whatever place he seems to be stuck in, which means that these are strategy games, logic games, and of course, thinking games, making for a combination that brings a lot of joy and fun, in addition to helping the players that play these games become more skillful and certainly their thinking becomes faster and better. To help Pancho escape from whatever situation he is in, you have to click on some objects in order to remove them, but some of them cannot be removed, so you have to plan accordingly. With the mouse you are going to click on the objects that you have to remove, of course. In each level you have to move as fast as possible, because when you begin the level, you have a certain score, a score which is going to decrease as you go along, so the more you take clearing the level, the less points you are going to have at the end, or even 0, if you do not move fast enough. We are sure that you understood how such games works, so we are sure that you are going to have a terrific time playing them, because you will have no problems winning them. Of course, each level has multiple levels, and there are also a total of eight games released so far, so you can have fun with this series for hours if you wish to, and of course, with each new game you get something new and exciting, as the games continue to re-invent themselves with each new version. Of course, we do not have enough space and time to tell you about all of them, so we are going to let you discover them by yourselves. Now, with everything that we have told you about these Amigo Pancho Games, even if you did not want to play them when you started, you are sure to want to play them now, and we guarantee everyone a really great time, since we had a great time playing them. Also, do not hesitate to also tell your friends about our Amigo Pancho Games and our website, because if they come here, they will also be able to have a really fantastic time, one which is guaranteed wheneve you come here and play the latest and best new games we offer!