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Our team has created a really nice category of games, called Ana the Pirate Games, which offers some really cool games, where you join Ana, a girl turned pirate in her countless adventures, where you face risk and danger, and have a truly amazing time at the same time. Try Ana the Pirate Games right now, and see for yourself!

The Ana the Pirate Games category was created in 07.11.2016 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2 times and the best game from Ana the Pirate Games it's Ana the Pirate Jewel Match.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 08.11.2017 which it's Ana the Pirate Memory.

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Our administrative team here at is always on the lookout for the latest series that are airing, and we are always up to date on all the shows that are being announced, so we do our website in order to create categories for these shows, and of course, find and add interesting games in the categories. Of course, sometimes, when there are none available, we even create our own games for that series, so that it's fans can be able to find games with their favourite characters, because we imagine they were pretty sad that they couldn't before. Well, even though this category is only going to become popular in 2018, when this show is expected to start airing, we have already created the Ana the Pirate Games category, in which we have even already added online games, games which we are sure you will enjoy playing very much, and in time, the category is going to expand, to include even more. Why? Because we want you to have as much fun as possible by playing Ana the Pirate Games, and we are pretty certain you will be able to do that, as we have found the games to be very interesting, and the premise of the show really lovely, so we are sure that as soon as it begins airing, there are going to be a really big number of children watching the show, who will then want to interact with their new favorite characters. Sounds really great, doesn't it? Well, you can always have an amazing time on our website, as we are trying to prove every day, with these awesome categories we create and the games that we add in them, and we are now putting our trust into this Ana the Pirate Games category, which we urge you all to check out! Because it is now 2016, and the show is going to start airing in 2018, you might be reluctant to do so, because you are not familiar with the show and it's characters, and know nothing of it. Well, trust us when we say that Ana the Pirate Games can be played with absolutely no problems at all, because they are easy and simple games to play, which don't require of you to know anything about the show, but just do your best at each of them. Of course, it's not like there is absolutely no information about it, since with the announcement that it is in production, there has also been released a short description about the show, which we hope you will read right here, so you get to know Ana the Pirate's world a little bit better, and hopefully, it will make you curious to watch the show when it will start, because we are putting our hopes in it of being a really great one! Now, we are going to tell you the main premise of the show, and then continue with the three type of Ana the Pirate Games that you can currently find on our website, which is only the beginning, as you can expect the category to grow more and more in time! Ana, most of the time, is a girl who is overprotected by her parents, and who is really shy. Well, all that changes once her magic bathtub transforms into a Corsair ship, and from Ana the shy girl, she becomes Ana the Pirate. In this new world of the sea, she goes on fun and interesting pirate adventures, takes decisions, solves problems, and gets out of her confort zone, showing young girls that they can do anything they put their mind to. Of course, she is not along in her journeys, as she is joined by Cua-Cua, her rubber duck, who is loyal to her all the time, and really funny also. The show promotes teamwork, challenges gender stereotypes, and shows that everyone can and should be brave in the face of any danger or risk. Well, the Ana the Pirate Games on our website are also going to promote all these things, and help develop them, by interacting directly with the characters and doing all sorts of fun and educational things, as you always learn better by doing, and it is also a more fun learning experience, don't you agree? Now, at the time we have written this description, the Ana the Pirate Games category contains three games we invite you to play right away: a memory matching game where you develop your memory skills, a coloring game where you use your creativity to bring colorless images to life, and a very fun puzzle, which helps your problem-solving skills and your thinking abilities. We invite you to start playing these Ana the Pirate Games right now, and have a terrific time on, the best website for all the best online games on the internet!