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Players form allover the world, welcome to the best skill games from internet! If you like to play skill games, you will just love this new birds vs pigs category games! Destroy the pigs and win the war!

The Angry Birds Games category was created in 26.03.2016 and from there we added more than 27 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 256 times and the best game from Angry Birds Games it's Shoot Green Piggy.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.12.2017 which it's Bad Piggies Online 2018.

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Because we are very close for realeasing the new and first Angry Birds movie, we manage to collect some good games and post them in this new category named Angry Birds Games! Here you will have the opportunity to play games with angry birds, like originals games or the newst games that will be add after 20 May 2016 where The Angry Birds Movie will be released in theaters. We will start with the short story about this new movie where we find 3 characters named Red that's a bird with some really big temper problemes, one fast bird named Chuck and a volatile one, Bomb! They are living on a big and populated island with other birds, but they are a little bit more specials. We will see why when the green piggs will come to insland. Others character from the movie are Leonard, the King Pig, Matilda, one beautiful bird that life on island and the Hatchilings, 3 birds that can't stay in one place for 3 seconds! If you never played angry bird games you will can try here some new and absolute amazing games where the objective is todestroy all the pigs from the enemy team. We will try to introduce some characters from the games and movie, like Trence the Red Bird, Matilda White, Bomb Black, Hal Green, Chuck Yellow, Red, Stella, The Blues and Bubbles. So, in our games we will have 2 teams, the birds and the pigs. From 2010 we show different theme for games like Rio, Space, Star Wars, and so on. When you will play, you will see that for shooting with the birds you will have to use a big catapult. Let's try to introduce some characters like Red Bird that called Red, Blue Birds like Jake, Jay, Ice bird, Poppy, Luca, Willow, Dahila, Gale and some mighty creatures tthat you will find in different games for smartphones like Mighty Eagle, Mighty Dragon, Mighty Philadelphia Eagle. You will see in our games that are some characters that you can't play with them, they are Female Red Bird, Female White Birds, Hockey Birds or Mascot, Serdar Soganci and others. I forgot to say that Angry Birds Games are the best skill games from our site because here you can just have fun destroying some green pigs, or you can practice and improve your aim in games. Like i said, Angry Birds Games in years developed some different apps like Angry Birds Rio where you have Blue, Jewel, Rafael, Luiz, Caged Birds and Samba Bird. Angry Birds Space is another application that you can find for your smartphone and tablet, or you can just play here, on Friv. Here you will can play with Super Red Bird, Lightning Birds, Lazer Bird, Firebomb Bird, Monster Bird, Atomic Bird, Ice Bird, Space Eagle and Space Egg. All the characters from here are a little bit different from the default ones. One interesting aspect of this new angry birds games is that here you are in the space and you fight with some new pigs. You have to control 2 different gravitations and because of that this is a very hard skill game. Another App is Angry Birds Star Wars where you will find original characters from the show but dressed like birds, so here you can play with Like Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leila, Cwebacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, Yoda and others. These 3 games are the bests from this seriso, but you can find other games to play like Angry Birds Fuji TV, Angry Birds Heikki, Angry Birds Friends or Go Green, Get Lucky! In Angry Birds Games you will see that all the birds have some powers besides Red that have no power! I said at the beggining of this description that in Angry Birds Games you have 2 teams, birds and pigs. At pigs side you will find King Pig, Foreman Pig, Processor Pig, Chef Pig, Chronicler Pig, Corporal Pig and the Minion Pigs. We hope that you will love our Angry Birds Games and don't forget to come back for more fun after you watch The Angry Birds Movie 2016!