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Children love animals, because there are many interesting kinds of animals in the world, which is why zoos are visited almost daily, and kids can interact with their favourite animals.

The Animal Games category was created in 08.02.2016 and from there we added more than 734 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 226 times and the best game from Animal Games it's Fox Simulator 3D.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 07.04.2020 which it's Shoot the Turtle.

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Our website now offers you the best Animal Games on the internet, which is one of the largest and most fun-filled category on our website, where you will be able to find thousands of interesting games that centre around animals. Considering that the animal world is so vast and full of all kinds of species of animals, it's not unusual to find that you can play so many Animal Games for free! In the Animal Games category you will be able to find so many games, that you won't know where to start, so we tell you not to panic, because you cand select whatever game you like from this category, as they are all high-quality games, and won't bore you even for a second. Now they can do that in an even more controlled environement, where you can also interact directly with wild and dangerous animals like lions or tigres. That is the online gaming world, and on our website you will be able to play some of the best new Animal Games in the world! There are primarily two kinds of Animal Games that you can play on our website. There are Animal Games with cartoon characters, where you will be able to play with animals that are depicted in fun cartoon shows. These can include characters like Winnie the Pooh, all the My Little Pony Characters, Looney Toons characters, and many more. Then, we have online Animal Games where the animals don't come from cartoon shows, but are rather actual depictions of animals. You will be able to play interesting Animal Games where you will take care of your pets. There, your cat, or your dog, or maybe rabbit, turtle or bird, will have to be fed, to be played with, to be washed and cleaned, and you will make sure they are healty and happy. Then you might also find nice Animal Dress Up Games, where animals will be dressed up in the best outfits by yourself. There are also animal makeover games, or simple kind of games like animal coloring games, or animal puzzle games. In this category you will be able to find games that feature dogs, cats, lions, tigres, birds, turtles, bears, rabbits, and many many more kinds of interesting animals! By playing the nice Animal Games that you can find on our website you cand also learn a lot about the animal world, and we are sure that what you learn will help you a lot in everyday life. If you have any kind of favorite animal or favorite cartoon character that is an animal, look for them in this category, and we are sure you will find the free Animal Games that you are looking for! We hope that you will have a great deal of fun playing the Animal Games on our website, and we wish you good luck in doing so!