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Welcome to the Aquaman Games category, a category of superheroes games from DC which we are sure you are going to love, especially since we know that Aquaman has become one of the most popular superheroes of the moment, so why would you miss the opportunity of having fun by playing games that feature him?

The Aquaman Games category was created in 10.01.2019 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 13 times and the best game from Aquaman Games it's Aquaman Race To Atlantis.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 19.01.2019 which it's Aquaman Hidden Spots.

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We are delighted that a category of Aquaman Games has finally been created for our website, because we expect to bring you a lot of new and interesting games in it in the following weeks, since Aquaman is currently the movie that is dominating film box offices all over the world, meaning that children are watching it a lot, and if that is the case, it would only be natural for them to also want to play online Aquaman Games too, which they now will be able to do for free on our website, where each and every one of you are invited to check out the category and see what you can have fun with. In recent years, superhero movies are without a doubt the movies that are drawing in the majority of people to see them, and there are lots of such proprieties as well, which extend to television and games as well. It is really the superhero era, and the two competitors at its forefront are surely Marvel and DC. Well, on the DC side, while things have not gone great from the start, it seems that the release of Aquaman has changed perspective a little, as it has not only broke lots of box-office records and made a lot of money, but it has been better received by critics and audiences alike, especially compared to the last film in the series, Justice League. Considering how popular the movie proved to be, a sequel is already in the works, so we expect this character to stick around for a long time, meaning that there are also going to be all sorts of new Aquaman Games appearing in the future as well. You can rest assured that our website is going to be the first one to bring you all the new games featuring the characters, so stick around if you are fans of this world! While this is his first big-screen appearance, Aquaman is a character that people have known of for a long time, with him originating in comic books, but appearing in television animated shows as well. He used to be mocked because people considered weaker than other superheroes, and his most known feature was that he could talk to fish. Well, the DCU took things a little further and reimagined the character, with Jason Momoa, a muscular and manly man in the lead, and bringing a lot of cool to the character. Now, in this following part of this description we are going to tell you more regarding what the story of the movie is about, and when we are done with that we will also tell you about our Aquaman Games online, so after reading this you will only want to give the games a try and have fun, even if you might not have thought like that in the beginning. Aquaman, or Arthur Curry by his real name, is the real successor to the throne of Atlantis, meaning that he is to be king of the world in the water. He is one part human, from his father’s side, and one part fish, from his mother’s side, who was the queen of the sea. His half-brother, Orm, creates a false attack by humans on the world underwater, which he uses in order to stir up the people and go to war, as he wants to use the powers of the seven seas to take control of the world above ground. Well, Aquaman will then have to ally himself with Mera, the daughter of another king, in order to stop Orm and his evil plans, before an all-out war between the sea and water starts. Awesome, right? You can expect lots of fun action scenes, a great adventure, and fun all the way, so make sure to check out the movie, but even more so, experience it yourself and have fun with Aquaman in the game called Aquaman: Race to Atlantis, which is the first official game based upon this movie, where you get to go on an adventure with Arthur, one that you won’t forget any time soon! Well, now that we have told you what this category is all about, we hope and we are positive that the next thing you do is check out these games and start having fun with them, as you should do with each category you visit on our website! We hope you also invite your friends over because having more people here are going to make the experience of our website better for everyone, which means more fun!