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A really amazing category of games that you can now find on our website is right this one, called Bad Ice Cream Games, in which you are going to have an amazing time with each game from this page that you will play. If you don't belive us, you only need to pick up any of these Bad Ice Cream Games right now, and you will see how great they are, in a matter of seconds!

The Bad Ice Cream Games category was created in 03.11.2016 and from there we added more than 3 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 88 times and the best game from Bad Ice Cream Games it's Bad Ice Cream 2.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 05.11.2016 which it's Bad Ice Cream 3.

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I'm pretty sure that you know bad ice-cream games, and you like them. This is why on Friv Games Today we have the newest and all the games from bad ice-cream games for our players! The only place where you are able to find the most amazing categories of games on the entire internet is without a doubt our website,, where, as you can see right now, we are adding as many great and interesting categories as possible, and we are pretty sure that this one, called Bad Ice Cream Games, is a category of games which is going to be enjoyed by so many of you, especially after seeing just how popular these online games have become ever since the first game in the series. Like we might have mentioned in many description for categories on our website, we are always trying to diversificate our website, and make sure that the games here do not get repetitive, so that always when you enter our website, you can find new games to play, and the experience is always a fresh one. Well, with the addition of the Bad Ice Cream Games, we think that we are proving that point, for reasons that you are going to find out in the next part of the description, which we hope that will be read by all of you, and that you will find it very interesting. Now, if you have played Bad Ice Cream Games before, then you must definitely be very excited, because you know that these games are really awesome, and that they deserve your time. That is why, you probably won't bother at all with reading the next part of the description, but simply start to play the Bad Ice Cream Games, and start having a lot of fun. For the rest of you, who might not have heard about this kind of games before, there might be some need of more convincing, and for that, we are going to use this description. Trust us, when you are done reading these lines, you will definitely want to play these games as soon as possible, games that you will enjoy for certain, very much. Well, we think that is enough introduction, so we are going to start sharing with you all the wonderful things about the category, right now, so make sure you pay attention! First of all, you need to know that the Bad Ice Cream Games category is not based on any television show, animated or live-action, no animated films or live-action ones, books, comics, and other mediums. Instead, the category is an original series of games, which we appreciate very much, especially since original series always bring something new, and are usually very entertaining to play. The second thing that you need to know about this series of games, and a very important one, is that this is a series of 2 player games, which are definitely some of the most loved games out there. Why? Well, don't you think that it is a lot more fun to play a game, even if it is an online one, with another person? Well, it definitely is, and the experience is even better in two, like most things in life for that matter. These two reasons are the two that we think are the most important, and the ones that will make you enjoy the Bad Ice Cream Games on our website very much, without a doubt. If you need even more, don't worry, because in the next part of the description we are going to get into the gameplay of the games, and many other interesting facts about them, which we are sure that will make you want to play Bad Ice Cream Games, and that you are going to enjoy each and every one of them. In these games, you are going to control bad ice cream, using the different keys that you are instructed on. You will have to shoot ice blocks, pick fruit to complete the level, and avoid being flattened by your enemies. While the premise of the game might seem really simple and straight-forward, which is indeed, the fact that there are multiple games, and that they each come up with something new and exciting, make them not boring at all, and enjoyed by each and every player that tries them. Also, the graphics of the games is 8-bit, which makes it even more interesting. Well, have we convinced you that our Bad Ice Cream Games are all worth playing? Well, we belive we did, but if we haven't, then we can only urge you to start playing the games immediately, so that you will see for yourself just how fun they all are. Well, that was all the information that we had to share with you about this amazing category of games we have created, so we invite you to start playing it's games right now, and let the fun begin, only on, the place where you can find the best games on the entire internet!