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On we have prepared the Ballerina Games category, where we hope to offer all of you as many wonderful games based upon this wonderful movie, because we know that you love playing games based upon inspirational animated movies. Start playing Ballerina Games right now, and have a wonderful and magical time!

The Ballerina Games category was created in 22.10.2016 and from there we added more than 2 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 10 times and the best game from Ballerina Games it's Ballerina Spot the Numbers.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.10.2016 which it's Ballerina Spot 6 Diff.

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If you were searching the internet for some relly fun games to play, then stop right now, because you need to search no further, as you now find yourself on the page of the Ballerina Games category on, where we have prepared some really fun games for you all to play, so we belive that your search has managed to offer you the best result possible. Our team doesn't only add games based on television animated shows, but also upon animated movies, like it is the case right now, with this category, and many others on our website. We do that in order to make sure our content is as diverse as possible, and that all those who visit our website get to have a complete experience of online gaming, and that they always find their favourite characters to play with, whatever the medium they come from. Ballerina is a 2016 animated movie from France, which is going to premiere there and in the United Kingdom in December, while in the United States, a release is also going to follow, only that we currently do not know what that date will be. We expect it to be sometime around 2017, which is why in the keywords for our games we have included both Ballerina Games 2017 and 2016, so that fans from all the parts of the world can find them more easily, even if they are from France or from the United States. Well, from the title of the movie, you probably have already figured out that the movie is about a ballerina, but that is just the surface of it, as it is a really wonderful and magical movie, about which we are going to give you more details in the next part of the description, making sure that you will have no questions while playing these Ballerina Games on our website. The movie takes place in 1879, and follows the adventures of Félicie Milliner, who is a poor girl with dreams of becoming a ballerina. To do that, she leaves her rural home and moves to Paris. There, she starts pretending to be a spoiled girl, and becomes a dance student at the Paris Opera. She finds life in Paris, training to be a ballerina, and making new friends in this new place to be something really hard, but fortunately for her, she has people like Odette, the mysterious caretaker of the Opera, and Victor, a young inventor, who are beside her to help her face her fears and challenges. This is a movie about working hard for your passion, and making your dreams come true, which is a message that all young children should hear. So far, in the Ballerina Games category you can find two games, a differences finding game and a hidden numbers spotting one, which are both really fun, and which we recommend to you all. Still, we belive that in the future, more and more Ballerina Games are going to follow, especially closer to the US release date. What are you waiting for? Start playing this games right now, and let the fun begin!