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Everyone from our website is invited right now to try out the best Basketball Games friv on the internet, games that you can currently find only on this page, and where we are positive that you are going to have a great time all the way through, guaranteed!

The Basketball Games category was created in 13.06.2019 and from there we added more than 77 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 57 times and the best game from Basketball Games it's Basketball Stars.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 15.12.2019 which it's Basket Swooshes.

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Friv Games Today will always be the best place for everyone to come and find the best new games on the internet, and not just that, but we proud ourselves in being one of the most diverse websites with online games in flash or HTML5 out there, with the main reason for that being that we create new and interesting categories for you all the time, one more interesting than the other. We want to have our games be as interconnected as possible, meaning that if you love certain aspects of a game, you will certainly be able to find them in a category dedicated only to that part, so this means that it is easy for everyone here to find and play the games they are interested in. While we have had a category of sports games online ever since our beginning, we thought that it is finally time for us to create a separate category for the Basketball Games online that we have here, of which we have had quite a big amount of so far, and now they will have their separate page, making it easier for you to find them. Basketball is a sport that is really popular in the United States, but also in other countries such as Japan, some European countries, or Canada. While it is not as widely popular as soccer would be, it is probably the second most known sport in the world, which is why we are not at all surprised that so many friv Basketball Games are being made all the time, and that they don’t only get better, but they also become more popular. Basketball is a game where two teams of five players enter a court, and they try to take the basketball and shoot it into the hoop of the opposing team, getting different points depending on where you have shot from. The team that gets more points by the end of the game becomes the winner, simple as that! You pick the basketball using your hands, and you pass it to other players, and you also have to kick it to the ground, since it can stay in your hand only for a few seconds. Also, the hoops are quite tall on the court, which is why tall people usually play this sport, and they are the most sought-after by teams. Now, in case you were not familiar with the sport and how it works, now you know plenty about it, which can only mean that you will become interested in playing our free Basketball Games online. Now, if you want a clearer picture of what kinds of games you will be able to find here, keep on reading. Of course, you have those that simulate the sport in all of its aspects, so you take part in matches. In some of them, you play with your favorite basketball players from real life, but there are somewhere you play with characters from show and movies that you love. Then there are also hoops shooting games, where your goal is to take the ball from a certain point and shoot it into the hoop, and when it gets there you score points. There are also street basketball games, where you get to play this game on a street court, instead of that in an arena. There are also plenty of variations on the genre, such as skill games and puzzle games where you have to focus in order to get the ball into the hoops past all of the obstacles in your path. Of course, among the ones we recommend to you the most is definitely the Basketball Games 2 players, where you play against real players using the same computer as you, or the multiplayer Basketball Games where you play against real players from all over. Well, does everything here not sound awesome? We are positive that we have made you very interested in this category, so start playing the games from it right now, and see for yourself how great they really are. Now, no matter which friv Basketball Games you choose to try out here, we’re sure that you will love them, and we hope you don’t stop at them either, but that you check out the sports games category and try out even more awesome sports games. Also, don’t forget that you should come back to our website day by day, where we bring you one cool game after the other because if you are not here you are only going to miss out on lots of fun that you will be able to have!