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Becca’s Bunch Games is a category of Nick Jr Games unlike you have seen before, and which we certainly recommend to children of all ages on our website, since the games in it are really fun! Do not hesitate to also tell your friends about these Becca’s Bunch Games, since they will certainly appreciate being able to play them!

The Becca’s Bunch Games category was created in 27.06.2017 and from there we added more than 9 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 14 times and the best game from Becca’s Bunch Games it's Beccas Bunch Hide and Seek.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 13.12.2019 which it's Nick Jr Christmas Wordblocks.

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Becca’s Bunch Games is yet another one of our really amazing categories we have created for our website, proving once again why is the game that everyone has to visit daily, from the beginning of the day, because we make sure to bring you all some of the best and most awesome new games on the internet, and it is very often that we create all sorts of new categories, just like we are doing today as well, when we give you the chance to play Becca’s Bunch Games, which is a category of games you can’t find on many other websites, so we are excited for being able to provide it. ABC Kids is a really important network for animated series, which are aimed primarily towards preschool children, and we have had a lot of awesome games and categories from them, and since this show airs on that network, we are happy that a new category from that family gets to join our website. Well, that is true for Austrialia, but in the US and in the rest of the world, the show is going to air on Nick Jr, from which we have some of our most popular games, so it is really important for us to have created this category Becca’s Bunch Games, because we are sure that the exposure that the series is getting is going to mean that there will be lots of children all over the world wanting to play Becca’s Bunch Games, games which we are going to happily provide, and which we are sure everyone playing are going to enjoy them! The show has been announced in January of 2017, and it is currently in production, so it is expected to start airing sometimes this year, or maybe next year, but whenever it is going to start showing does not matter, because we will already have been prepared. Like we said, at the moment of this writing, the show has not begun airing, so we want to use the next part of this description to tell you as much as we can about the show, although because it has not begun airing, there is not a lot of information currently available. Still, we do not want to keep anyone in the dark, so we are going to do our best to explain what the show is about, and we are sure that after reading about it, you will waste no time at all in starting to play the games, and that you will have an absolutely great time. Like it is obvious from the title of the series, the show follows the main character called Becca, who is a little bird who sings to her own tune, not to what anyone tells her to do. She and her friends have all sorts of amazing adventures in the place called Wagtail Woods, and because she has an optimistic and can-do attitude, she is able to make any of her plans or dreams a reality, and her big ideas are always fun and great to do. Well, we have told you who Becca is, but who is her bunch, then? Well, her bunch is made up out of Pedro, Russel, and Sylvia, a worm, a squirrel, and a fox, who get along with a bird, showing the children watching the series that despite our differences, we can get along great, and have a great time together, which is a very important lesson for all the youth watching the show. The world of the show is definitely going to be amazing, since the studio that is doing it is renowed world-wide for their creations, so we are sure this one is going to be awesome as well. Now that we have told you what the show is about, we are going to tell you about our Becca’s Bunch Games, which at the moment of this writing are not a lot, since the category only consists of a puzzle game, but a really fun one at that. Well, it is expected to be like this when the premiere of a show is still months away, but as we are going to get closer to the release date, the number of games with this series is going to increase, and when that time comes, we will be here, ready to share with you all the new Becca’s Bunch Games on the internet, which you are alwyas going to find first right here! Well, we certainly hope that with everything that we have written here we have convinced you all to play our Becca’s Bunch Games, and that is going to be the thing that you do right now! Remember that we also have other amazing categories on our website, so when you are done with these games, make sure you visit those as well, you will not regret it!