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If you want to play the best online Bejeweled Games on the internet, then Friv Games Today is the website for you, because we do our best to bring you the best free online games on the web!

The Bejeweled Games category was created in 08.02.2016 and from there we added more than 275 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 122 times and the best game from Bejeweled Games it's Unicorn Diamonds.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 25.03.2020 which it's Pixel Craft Match 3.

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Bejeweled Games are definitely some of the most wide spread online games that you can play, and almost any kind of category has at least one bejeweled game in its composition. Well, if you want to find all the free Bejeweled Games on our website, this category brings all of them togheter, so that you can choose which of the games you want to play. Next, we will teach you how to play these Bejeweled Games, so that you won't have any problems during playing. But, we will explain the classic way of playing Bejeweled Games online, so be aware, because some other bejeweled games with a match 3 gameplay can be played differently. Well, in free Bejeweled Games you will usually have many kinds of diamonds and crystals, that are coloured and shaped differently. They can be squares, rectangles, triangles or diamond shapes, and they come in multiple colours. You have to switch these jewels with other jewels that can be found beside them. You do that so that you will form groups of three or more identical jewels, either in horizontal or vertical chain. When you form chains of more than three jewels, you will receive bonus points, which will also happen if you form two or more chains in one swoop. When you manage to do these chains, those jewels will break, and more jewels will fall from the top of the screen, filling the gaps. There are 2 kinds of Bejeweled Games that can be played. In the normal version, the objective is to fill the bar by doing as many matches as possible, and the game is over when you can no longer make any move. In the time trial version of the game, the bar starts half-way, and you have to fill it by the end of the level. But, as time runs out, the bar will decrease, so you have to make as many matches as possible. Sounds fun, no? Well, you will be able to play these kind of online Bejeweled Games on our website, and many other formats of games that resemble Bejeweled Games. The rules and the gameplay might be a little tweaked in some games, but that makes this category even better, because there is a large variety of Bejeweled Games that you can play, and you won't ever be bored! We hope you will play as many Bejeweled Games on our website as you can, and that in every game you play, you will do your best to make as many matches as possible, and earn many, many points. We wish you good luck playing the best Bejeweled Games for free, that you can only find on, the best online gaming website ever!