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Have fun playing Bizaardvark Games with these new and awesome Disney Channel characters, Paige and Frankie, musicians on the internet who make some of the best songs ever. You can't get bored playing Bizaardvark Games, so why not start playing them right now?

The Bizaardvark Games category was created in 11.05.2016 and from there we added more than 22 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 345 times and the best game from Bizaardvark Games it's Bizaardvark Go Viral.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 16.02.2018 which it's Bizaardvark Tetris 2.

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Are you ready for a new great Disney Channel Games category, only here, on www.friv-games-today? Well, this new category is the one on which's page you are right now, and it is called Bizaardvark Games. Wheter you have reached our page by searching for Bizaardvark Games on the internet, or your friends told you about our website and you decided to check it out, you should not leave this page, because only here can you play the most awesome Bizaardvark Games on the internet, which we are sure that you will love a lot, and you will enjoy playing! As you probably already know, we are always up to date to all the latest television shows airing on the different tv channels aimed at children and teenagers, which is why it is no suprise that we have added the Bizaardvark Games category. At the moment of the writing of this description, the show has not yet started, and it is slated to begin airing on June 24, 2016, when we are sure that many girls and boys will be tuned in on their tv, and anxiously wait to see the premiere of Bizaardvark. Well, after they are done watching the episode, and they search the internet for Bizaardvark Games, they will have the realization that games based on this new show are already up, and that they can be found and played for free, only here, on! This show and the Bizaardvark Games category is aimed especially at teenagers but also younger kids, who love music, dancing, and want to be entertained by very interesting characters. At first, the show was called Paige & Frankie, which are the names of the two main characters. These two girls each have 13-years old, and they are best friends. Not only best friends, but they are also collaborators, because they work together on their online channel, called Bizaardvark. This channel is already a hit, having 10,000 subscribers, which is a very large number. But what do they do to get that many people watching them? Well, the two girls make up and sing some of the most funny songs ever, and their music is written, sang and shot very well, which is why they have a lot of fans. These two girls have to tackle their lives as internet pop stars, and at the same time, deal with all the regular middle-schooler things like homework, school in general, falling in love, and dealing with their parents, people around them, and solving their every day problems. This makes for a very interesting premise, which is clear from the very fun episodes the show has. We are sure that is also what attracted you to the Bizaardvark Games on our website. We invite you to start playing any of our Bizaardvark Games, because they all deserve a chance, and they are each very fun and interesting. Because the series is at it's beginning, don't expect a large number of Bizaardvark Games as of yet, but they are sure to rise in number as the time goes, and you can be sure that our website will be the first to provide them to you!