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Bloons Tower Defense Games are some of the best tower defense games that we have had the pleasure of adding on our website, so something tells us that there are going to be countless children having fun with these games, so we are inviting you to start playing them right away, only on our website!

The Bloons Tower Defense Games category was created in 16.10.2017 and from there we added more than 5 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 5 times and the best game from Bloons Tower Defense Games it's Bloons Tower Defense 5.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 18.10.2017 which it's Bloons Tower Defense 5.

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Bloons Tower Defense Games is the newest series of tower defense games online that we have created for our website, where our administrative team is always working hard to bring you all as many awesome categories as possible, and since we know for a fact that these Bloons Tower Defense Games are fun, since we played them before deciding on sharing them with everyone on our website, we knew that this is a category that we must have, as it also has quite a few games in it, which would not have been possible if the games were not fun. You do not see any bad games getting sequels, do you? Well, the first game in the series has not one, but multiple sequels, which is why it was important to have a category of Bloons Tower Defense Games. We know for sure that there are fans of this series who might have to go from website to website to play all the games, but now they do not have to do that any more, since on this page all of the games in the series are going to be available, for free play for everyone. Tower Defense Games have always been a staple of online gaming, since they are strategy games in which you mostly need to use only the mouse, making them compatible with computer gaming and browser games, since point and click games are made mostly for the online world. Like the title suggests, these are games in which you usually have to do your best to defend the tower that you have, and not only defend it, but improve it. Around the tower, you build all sorts of other structures, and build a society. Of course, it depends, as each game has something different, but the aspect of protecting a certain location from all sorts of invaders, and doing your best to develop is the main aspect of the games. Now, of course, for Bloons Tower Defense Games to have been so popular, it means that they must have brought something new to the table, and they certainly did that. If you are curious to know what it is, so that you start playing these games more prepared, then you only have to read this description to the end, because in it you are going to find all of the information that you require. Of course, that is not the case if you have already played games in this series, as everything you need to do is simply start playing the games that you have not played before. Your main goal in all of these game is the following: you have to stop the bloons from escaping, by building towers next to the maze that you see in each level, or each new game that you play. Of course, each time that you manage to do that successfully, you are going to get money in return. With the money that you earned you will be able to buy and place more towers, but not only that, as you will also be able to upgrade the towers that you already have. Every time you play, try to think of the best strategy in placing the towers, because the order that you place them in, and the density of them is very important, and the better you place them the easier it is going to be to stop the blooms from escaping. Of course, the first waves of bloons that try to escape are going to be easier, as they will be in lesser numbers, or they will not be as powerful, but as you advance, and you get stronger, so does the opposition, so in such a game you certainly cannot sit idly, because you always have to upgrade and get better and better. Very interesting, isn’t it? Well, if these games had not been interesting or fun, without a doubt there would not have been a category of Bloons Tower Defense Games, but only a single game, so we really hope that as many of you are going to try games from this page, since we are positive that as soon as you start playing one, you will want to play the rest of them immediately. Now, with this, we have told you everything that we wanted to tell you about the Bloons Tower Defense Games category on our website, so we once more invite you all to start playing these games! We have no doubt at all that you will enjoy them, and if that is the case, do not hesitate to check out the many other categories that we have, since we have one of the biggest websites out there, filled with one after the other amazing game for you to play and have a lot of fun with!