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It is with great delight that right now you are invited over to the Board Games category on our website, which is a category of friv games online we have no doubt at all you are going to love, since many people of all ages from all over the world love to play board games in the real world, so why would they not also enjoy doing it in a virtual environment?

The Board Games category was created in 24.07.2018 and from there we added more than 53 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 33 times and the best game from Board Games it's Blokus Online.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 20.11.2019 which it's Adventurous Snake and Ladders.

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The administrative team of Friv Games Today is very happy that it can present to everyone on our website the Board Games category, which is one of many amazing categories of games that you can currently find on our website, hundreds even, where you come daily looking for the best new games to play, since you know very well that we are always working hard at our website, which means that new content is being provided to you each new day. We do not just bring you new games all the time, but we also want to bring a diverse range of them, of multiple kinds, which is why you are seeing so many categories being created all the time. Board Games online is just the newest of them, and we definitely recommend you all to stick with our website, because many more get created all the time! If you are a long time visitor of our website, you most probably know that most of the games here are based upon television shows, movies, comic books, video games, children’s books, and other media, with the games meant to promote the original product, or to simply let children get the chance of directly interacting with their favorite characters and having fun. While this is true of most our categories, we have recently been creating more and more original ones, which are meant to host games that are not inspired by any other media, but are designed for playing online solely for the love of playing online games. Even among these categories there are many different things, like it is the case with the Board Games category, which is a little bit special. Why? Well, that is because board games have been originally made to be played in real life. They usually involve a board, although it is not a requirement all the time, and real people sit one next to the other, moving pieces around, or other things in order to win the game. Think of Monopoly, for example. Well, now that online gaming is so popular, and creating online games is easy and fun, it is no wonder that these games have also been transported and adapted to be played in-browser, especially since they are quite easy to be adapted as such. It is also helpful as you can play them even if you are buy yourself, as you can play them against the computer, and you do not take space in your actual home for them. Of course, some of these are actually multiplayer games, so you can also play them with real players, locally, from your machine, if that is what you wish, so the possibilities are endless, thanks to technology. Some of them can even be played against real players from all over the world, with all players using their own computer to interact with the others. We simply love these friv Board Games, and we are sure that you would too! Now, in this following part of the description we are going to tell you more about what kinds of games you will be able to find on this page, and we are sure that after reading about them, nothing is going to hold you back from starting them at once, and having fun like only here is possible! Think of scrabble games, dominoes games, monopoly games, risk games, yahtzee games, chess games, mahjong games, backgammon games, checkers games, battleship games, reversi games, and more. Of course, these are just a few of them, as we are sure that we will be finding all sorts of other formats as well, and that you are going to be able to discover one more fun after the other, all the time, so that you never, ever get bored! Play them by yourself, play them against the computer, whatever you wish to do, there is no way you will not have a great time! One thing is certain, it will help us and yourselves as well if you also invite your friends over, not solely on this page, but on our entire website for that matter, for them to be able to discover a whole lot of amazing games online for free, which we bring you daily, because they might not know of our world of fun, and missing out on it would be a shame! You should also remember to come back to our website daily, in order to not miss out on any of the brilliant games we always bring you, and this way, through us bringing new games, and to new users coming here all the time, we are going to make Friv Games Today the best ever, together, which will mean that for years children will be able to have here the most fun ever!