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The Bob the Builder Games category was created in 11.02.2017 and from there we added more than 28 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 116 times and the best game from Bob the Builder Games it's Build a Playground.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.11.2018 which it's Bob the Builder Colour In.

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One of the most awesome categories of games that you get the chance to find on our website, and on the page of which you find yourself right now is the Bob the Builder Games category, where we are very excited to offer you all the most amazing games based upon the show with the same name currently airing on PBS Kids, but also of the other show with the same name, since the one that is currently airing is a complete reboot of the first one, with the original being around since 1998, so that means these characters have been around us for twenty years. That is only a testament to how amazing the series is, because it is being discovered by every new generation, and no one ever gets bored of the show. That also means that no one will ever get bored of playing Bob the Builder Games on our website, games which are going to be based on the reboot series, but based on the older series at the same time, in order to satisfy fans of the new series and those of the old one alike, meaning everyone is going to get to have a lot of fun on our website. Of course, we believe that no matter if you have watched only the new series, only the old one, or both of them, you will be able to enjoy both types of Bob the Builder Games equally, and have a really wonderful time with both the games, because the games are enjoyable no matter what. Trust us on that, because we have made sure of that, by playing all of them before adding them on our website, which is something we always do, in order to make sure that the content on our website is as great as possible, because we want you to experience only the best on our website. We have no doubt that this category is going to be a hit, just like the show it is based upon is, and that by playing these Bob the Builder Games, you will have a wonderful time. Now, because we are aware that not all of you might have heard about the show, and might have ended up on the page of these Bob the Builder Games by mistake, or out of curiosity, we assure you that it is worth your time spent with these games, and in order to prove you that, we are going to use the next part of the description to tell you more things about the premise of the show, it's different characters, and, of course, at the end, about the diverse and really fun Bob the Builder Games that you will get the chance to find and play on our website, games which we are sure you will enjoy a lot. Shall we get started, then? Firstly, you need to know that the show uses a stop-motion animation technique, which is pretty awesome. Like his name entails, he is a building contractor, whose specialty is masonry. He is not alone in all the different jobs that he gets to do, but is joined by his colleague, Wendy, different neighbors and friends, and his tools and equipment, which, in the show, have human characteristics, so they talk, and think. Don't you find this premise pretty interesting? Well, those who have seen it definitely found it awesome, since the show helps children learn about conflict resolution, socialization, and all sorts of other skills and learning abilities. Of course, you will get to learn and improve all of these things by playing the games as well, which is what we are going to tell you about in this next part of the description, so pay attention! You will be able to find stacking games, games with cars or all sorts of construction vehicles, building games, sorting games, cleaning games, racing games even. You can also find games like tic tac toe games, math games, maze games, or even the most frequent types of games, puzzle games or coloring games. Well, we truly believe that no matter which of these Bob the Builder Games you choose to play, you are going to have a really awesome time playing them, and even play them multiple times as well. Well, since you now know so much about this category and it's games, we invite you once again to give them a chance, start playing them, and have a really wonderful time on our website. Remember that this Bob the Builder Games is just one of the many categories on our website which you can visit, and also, remember to also tell your friends that on our website they get the chance to find all of these amazing games. What are you waiting for? Start playing right now!