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Only on can you find the most awesome Boboiboy Games and Boboiboy Galaxy Games, which you can play for free anytime and anywhere! Whether they are Boboiboy Games where you have to fight aliens, dress up characters or solve puzzles, you will always have a lot of fun, so start playing the games right now!

The Boboiboy Games category was created in 24.05.2016 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 156 times and the best game from Boboiboy Games it's Boboiboy Halilintar vs Taufan.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 12.06.2016 which it's Boboiboy Coloring.

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The Boboiboy Games category is one of the best and newest Disney Channel Games categories we can provide you on Friv Games Today, where all your favorite games can be found and play at all times, and from anywhere in the world. Our goal is to be a global website, where we can offer games based on series from all over the planet, which is why we are very proud of the Boboiboy Games category, as it is based on the Boboiboy show which airs in Malaysia. There is also an english dubbed version of the show, but it is originated from Malaysia, and after it was aired on other Disney Channel stations around the world, Boboiboy became one of the most popular cartoons. It's no wonder, as it already has three seasons aired, one feature film and many more planed, and in June of 2016 Boboiboy Galaxy is about to start, which is a rebranding of the show, making it more focused on adventure storylines, and there have already been 104 episodes commisioned. Well, our website will provide you with the best Boboiboy Games, but also Boboiboy Galaxy Games, because we want to satisfy all the fans of these shows. Now, you might not be familiar with the Boboiboy Games category and the show it is based on, which is why we are going to take advantage of our remaining space in this description to offer you information about the story of the show, details about the characters, and last but not least, a description on what kind of Boboiboy Games you will be able to play here. Our main character, Boboiboy, lives with his father in a new town, where his father has a stand in which he sells chocolate products. The popularity of the stall helped Boboiboy in making new friends like Gopal, Ying or Yaya, very important characters in the show. Their normal lives change immediately once they found out that an alien named Adu Du is trying to steal grandpa's cocoa beans. Boboiboy managed to stop him, and they find that the aliens want the cocoa beans so that they can make them liquid, as they can be used as power sources for their technology, as they are running low on energy sources. Boboiboy and his friends receive super powers, powers which they then use to protect Grandpa's special cocoa beans and his chocolate stand, and at the same time, protect the world from the aliens lead by Adu Du, and prevent an alien invasion. As you can see, the story is very interesting, and just as interesting are the great Boboiboy Games which you can find right here on this page! For your entertainment you will have fighting games, puzzle games, or dress up games, and whenever new Boboiboy Games show up, on you will find them first! The same applies to Boboiboy Galaxy Games, because as soon as this new series starts, we will make sure to provide you with games based on it. We wish you good luck playing all the Boboiboy Games, and we wish you will have the best time possible!