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We now welcome you all to the Boj Games category, a category of games with these characters you love a lot that you will not be able to find any better anywhere else, so check out these great games right now, enjoy them, and invite your friends to have fun with them as well, they’ll have no regrets!

The Boj Games category was created in 27.02.2019 and from there we added more than 5 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 23 times and the best game from Boj Games it's Boj Giggly Park Adventure.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 05.03.2019 which it's Boj-a-Boom Music Maker.

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You are now on the Boj Games category on Friv Games Today website, where you can find the best new games on the internet, every day, and where you have hundreds of amazing categories at your disposal, one more interesting than the others, and since we have noticed that there are not that many other websites out there that currently offer their visitors any online Boj Games, we thought we would make a change and create that category ourselves, and invite you all to check them out, since we are sure that there is lots of interest in these games by plenty of people, people who might not have known where to find them and have fun with them, but that is no longer the case, since they are one click away, right on this page! It is a show that started a few years ago in the United Kingdom, although, since then, it has also been brought over to other countries in the world, so we are positive that its audience has become bigger, and that there is more interest in people for these games. While there are a few other websites out there that also have a category with Boj Games, we can definitely say that they don’t have one as developed as ours, since we have worked very hard to make sure that the page is top-notch, and all available games with these characters are being provided to you here, all for free! Now, if you are already familiar with these series, it means you are on this page because you really want to play games with these characters you love a lot, and, if that is the case, waste no time at all, but start having fun with the games right away! For the rest of you, who have no idea what Boj is, but want to know more before you start playing the games, make sure to read this article to the end, because from it you are going to learn what the show is about, who are the main characters in it, and at the end you also learn what kinds of Boj Games online you will find and be able to play here for free, and we’re positive that you will have a great time with them all! Boj is a bilby, and together with his parents who are musicians have moved from the Australian outback, where they have lived their entire lives, to England, in the Giggly Park community, quite the cosmopolitan place. The show revolves around this family and their new lives in this new place, how they adapt to it, and it teaches children lots of valuable lessons while keeping them entertained with adventures and music. Boj is very creative, and he has quickly made new friends in this new part of the world. He loves to help people in solving their problems, for which he oftentimes uses and creates all sorts of crazy inventions. Rupa is one of his friends, a rabbit who loves and is great at sports, who is also very tidy and loves rules. Gavin completes the trio, with his love of gadgets and technology, and hidden talent in dancing! There are many other inhabitants of Giggly Park, one more interesting than the other, only there are so many of them we don’t have enough space to tell you about them all, but we are sure that you will meet them a lot in these games, and that you will have a great time with each and every one of them! The category is going to be quite diverse as well, as it will include adventure games, music games, coloring games, skill games, and more, and we are positive that you will enjoy each, no matter what your tastes in online games usually are! Even if you have not seen the show, after everything that you have read here about this wonderful world, we are sure that you will become interested in playing our Boj Games online right away, and we are also positive that a great time awaits you! Also, remember, this is just one of the hundreds of categories currently available for free on our website, so we hope that you will check them out as well, when you are done with these games, and, even better, invite your friends over to Friv Games Today, because the more of us are here, the better for everyone, definitely!