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Welcome everyone right now to the Boss Games category, which is a category of friv games we are sure you cannot find on many other websites as well, and that is great, because the games are very awesome and fun, and we love that we are part of the few websites to provide them, making our visitors special and more happy, for sure!

The Boss Games category was created in 16.07.2018 and from there we added more than 26 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 24 times and the best game from Boss Games it's Office Kissing.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 21.07.2018 which it's Bobs Balloons.

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On Friv Games Today you now all have the chance of finding the online Boss Games category, which is only one of hundreds of categories we currently have available on our website, in which we are always working towards bringing you lots of interesting new content, because that is how our website has developed more and more over time, with all sorts of categories and games being added all the time, and frankly, that is the only way through which we are going to make our website what it is supposed to be, which is the best website with online games on the internet! Now, as you may have noticed recently, and how this category of friv Boss Games proves, we are trying our best to keep on bringing you unique categories, categories that you don’t really find on many other websites, because that is the only way we can separate ourselves from other, and get ahead of everyone. So far, we think we succeeded, and we have a feeling that a category such as Boss Games is only going to help us even more, especially since we have already played some games from this page, and we have enjoyed them a lot, and usually when we enjoy a certain type of game, our visitors also seem to enjoy them a lot as well. What are the chances it will not be true for this one? Well, very slim to be honest. Like you probably already noticed, this is a category that is not based on a television show or other sort of media, also games that are inspired by them could also end up here. Instead, it is a category that has more original games, developed not to promote a show or anything, but simply for the enjoynment of the children trying them out. As you know, children, when they are young, are alwasy imitating adults, and long for the days when they will be adults themselves. What they do not know is that when they are adults, they usually need to get jobs, and when you have a job, you have a boss most of the time. Well, online gaming gives them the opportunity of seeing what this boss bussiness is all about before they actually become adults and enter the work force, and we are sure that they are going to find these experiences awesome, as they are better when there are no real-life consequences. From this next part of the description you are going to find out more about what kinds of free Boss Games are going to be added on this page, and we are sure that after you read all of this, even if at first you were not sure you wanted to play these games, after reading this, the only thing you will want to do will be to try them out. Well, for example, we have Whack Your Boss Games, where you do exactly what the title says, which is take all sorts of random objects, and use them to hit your boss, until you take him down completely. Fighting games are really popular in this category, since in real life, there are very few people who would actually fight their boss, although they might think about it a lot, and the online games can offer you a cathartic experience. There will be platform games, adventure games, and surely puzzle games of different kinds as well. Another type which you are going to definitely find quite a lot of will be slacking games, where you do your best to slack off and do other things, not what you were supposed to be working on, but of course, without getting seen by the boss, or you lose. Kissing games, strategy games, skill games, and more will also be added, and we are sure that the category will have both games for girls and games for boys at the same time, so everyone will be able to find something that they enjoy here. That’s about everything that we wanted you to know regarding the category of Boss Games here on our website, so we really hope that the next thing you do now that you have reached the end, is start playing the games, and having lots of fun like only here is possible. When you are done with these games, remember to invite your friends over as well, but not just that, but to also come back to our website as often as possible, because day by day, hour by hour, new and awesome games are being added, games not to be missed out on! The only way to be up to date with the latest in online gaming is to be on Friv Games Today, so stay tuned!