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The Bunk'd Games category was created in 23.04.2016 and from there we added more than 10 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 55 times and the best game from Bunk'd Games it's Kikiwaka Shuffle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 12.01.2018 which it's Disney Channel Pop.

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Bunk'd Games is the latest Disney Channel Games category which we have created especially for you, here on Friv Games Today, where we want you to be able to find all the online games that you are looking for, which you can play for free at any time. That is exactly why we thought that the Bunk'd Games category would represent a very good addition to our website. Why is that? Well, first of all, Bunk'd is a spin-off series of Jessie, which is one of the most beloved Disney Channel television series, so we know that you would love playing games with the characters that return from that show, but also with the new characters introduced in Bunk'd. Also, the Bunk'd series managed to distance itself from its parent series and become it's own things. Since it has began airing in 2015 it has been a real success, and children love watching the adventures of these great characters. Next, we want you to familiarize yourself with the Bunk'd Games, especially if you are not a watcher of the show. That is why we have written this description, where in it's continuation we are going to explain to you the premise and plot of the show, present to you some of the main characters, and also talk a little bit about the Bunk'd Games which will be available for you in this category. The three characters from Jessie, Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross are the ones which we will follow in this show, as they move from New York, to a place very different from the Big Apple. That is because they went to Maine, where they will be staying at a camp called Camp Kikiwaka. This camp was founded by Jedediah Swearengen, and it's name comes from the name of the creature that it is said to be living in the nearby forest to the camp. Still, that is just a legend, and there is no evidence of the creature's existance so far. The camp is special to these characters because this is the place where they're parents met while they were teenagers. Well, for the three sibiling who were brought up in the city of New York, moving to a camp and living a very different kind of lifestyle may prove to be a big challenge, but in this show they make new friends, get accustomed to their new life, and we can see them going on all sorts of different and fun adventures in and around the camp. In the Bunk'd Games category you will be able to play all sorts of games, like memory games, puzzle games, or fun adventure games which we recommend you not miss! Any time you are feeling like playing Bunk'd Games on the web, just visit Friv Games Today, where is the one place where you will be able to find all your favorite games with these Disney Channel characters, but also all kinds of other games which you should play. Have fun and good luck!