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If you like comedy show then Bunnicula will be your favorite show from Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Teletoon. Stay tuned, a new rabbit is in town, and it's something special about him... he is a veritable vampire bunny!

The Bunnicula Games category was created in 01.03.2016 and from there we added more than 25 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 481 times and the best game from Bunnicula Games it's Bunnicula in Rescuing Harold.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.10.2019 which it's Halloween Splash Art.

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Hello friends and welcome to a new game category from a new Cartoon Network show named Bunnicula! On 6 February 2016 a new show is released with a bunny in the main character, a show devoleped by JEssica Borutski. This new show and Bunnicula Games category is based on a very interesting and old novel written by James and Deborah Hows. The show is prodcast by Cartoon Network and Boomerang and it's a dark comedy about a rabbit or a bunny who likes very much carrot juice like a vampire likes blood. In this category you will find a lot of new and very funny games with Bunnicula and other characters from the show, games like puzzle, coloring, memory, with difference, and so on. If you are a player on you know that we like to give to all of our players the best informations about the show before playing time, and this is gonna happen to Bunnicula too because in further we will talk about the characters that will appear in Bunnicula Games. So, the first one is the main character, Bunnicula, a vampire rabbit and in the past was a pet of Count Dracula. He was founded by Chester, one of the Bunniculas's friends, locked in a chamber in the house where he lives now with his new family. He have just a few vampire traits like draining juice from vegetables, flying like a real bat with his ears transforming in wings, hiding everytime from sunlight and of course, sleeping in a real casket. Bunnicula is a very cool character and I like him very much, and because of that here you will find a lot of fun games with the vampire bunny, Bunnicula! What is very funny on the show is that Bunnicula can't talk, he just know some words and it's difficult for the rest of the cast to understand him, leading in funny scenes. But one of his friends understend him very good, it's about Harold, the dog. When he eat or better say when he drain juice from vegetables he gain some powers depends on what vegetable he just eat, so he have some vampire powers remains. In the Bunnicula Games we will have another interesting characters for the gamers and players, and it's about Chester, Mina's pet, a cat that is terrified about Bunnicula and his monster friends. In one way he is a little bit jealous of Bunnicula but he is a good friend to him despite the fact that in altmost every episode he try to take Bunnicula out. Another important character from this show and game is Harold, a nice dog that is Mina's pet. He is a very nice dog that loves Mina, Chester and Bunnicula too. Harold is a big hairy dog that all the time is very excited about new friends and he dosen't mind that Bunicula is an old vampire pet. Mina is an 14 years old girl that owns Harold, Chester and Bunnicula and she just moved in New Orlenas with her fater. At the start of the show she realeased Bunniculat with a key given by Aunt Marie. In the show we have more characters like Mouse, Caged Bird, Garic Man, Nutty Pete, Officer Ham, Patches, Gamer, Madame Accoutrement, Ms. Varney, Ted's Wife, Duck, Raccoon, Ted, Lady on TV, Madam Polodouri, Becky, Granny, Mumkey, Spiderlamb and a lot more. Until 01.03.2016 we have just 6 episodes on Cartoon Network and Boomerang and the last will appear in March 5 2016 and it's called "Whooo is... the Knight Owl" and it's about Chester realized that Bunnicula isn't good or strong enough to fight and protect the family from the supernatural forces. If you are from Canada and you don't have Boomerang or Cartoon Network, don't worry because Bunnicula will be on Teletoon in April 2016 so you will not lose all the fun with this rabbit. Play Bunnicula Games Online and rate all the games if you liked them.