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If you want to find and play the best superhero games with none other than Captain Marvel, well, look no more, since you are here, where you can find the greatest Captain Marvel Games ever, all of which we highly recommend!

The Captain Marvel Games category was created in 27.03.2019 and from there we added more than 3 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 8 times and the best game from Captain Marvel Games it's Captain Marvel Galactic Fight.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 16.05.2019 which it's Avengers Endgame.

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We know that on our website, super heroes games online are among the most popular, and we have noticed that Marvel Games online are even more so, which is why whenever a new movie with some of your favorite comic book heroes appears, we make sure that we create a category for them and bring you great games featuring those heroes, which is what is happening right now, when each and every one of you gets the chance of enjoying the category called Captain Marvel Games, which is based upon the movie with the same name, featuring the MCU’s first solo female super hero movie, which was a real event, and one that has been very loved by viewers all over the world, making the movie one of Marvel’s biggest box-office draws. Now that this super hero, who the general public probably was not that familiar with before, is so famous, we are sure that a lot of girls and boys all over the world want to find and play friv Captain Marvel Games online, and you can be sure that nowhere else on the internet will you be able to find a category of these games as good as the one we are offering you! Now, if you have already seen the movie, or you were already familiar with the characters in some way, we are sure that you only want to play these games right away, and we invite you to do so! For the rest of you, who may have not been familiar with this world, reading this article to the end will be a lot of help, because from it you will be able to learn what the movie is about, more details about the main character, although you should not worry about spoilers, and, of course, you will also find out what kinds of online Captain Marvel Games will be made available here, and we have no doubt at all you will love them all! Carol Denvers used to be a female air force pilot, only to one day end up in space, after an accident. She was transported to an alien planet, where she wakes up with amnesia. She trains in the arts of galactic magic and powers, and she is able to, in time, become a really powerful warrior and enter a team of galactic peace-keepers. When a war between two races, the skrulls and the kree has the Earth involved, Vers comes to Earth, where she learns all about her past, and becomes a super hero. She is joined in her adventures by none other than Nick Fury, before his days as the head of SHIELD, who has his first encounter with a super-powered person, which in time will give him the idea of forming the Avengers. This movie has everything: great characters, a wonderful story, and a lot of action, so we are not at all surprised that the movie became a hit world-wide! Now, since you know the basics about this world and characters, you must be curious what kinds of Captain Marvel Games we have brought you here, no? Well, we will have mainly adventure games and action games, since they fit the best with this world, but there will be other ones as well, like hidden objects games, for example. This category is just at the beginning, so we are sure that in time there will be even more kinds of games featuring the character that will appear, and you can be sure that our website will be the first one to share them with you, always! Of course, this is just one of the so many categories we have for you on our website, so we recommend that when you are done with the games from this page, the next thing you do is check out what other content we have for you, and you will not be disappointed, guaranteed! Of course, you should not keep these games to yourself either, but you should invite your friends over to Friv Games Today, show them what kind of great content we have, and don’t hesitate to tell them that if they come here day by day, they will find the best new games on the internet!