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We want to welcome you all right now to the Care Bears Games category, which is a category of games we love a lot, that has a multitude of awesome games we recommend you play, as we have no doubt at all that you will be having a great time if you do, such as we have had when we played each and every one of them!

The Care Bears Games category was created in 04.05.2018 and from there we added more than 19 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 29 times and the best game from Care Bears Games it's Care Bears Follow Sunshine.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 13.05.2018 which it's Care Bears Hidden Stars.

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The new upcoming show from Cartoon Network is called Care Bears: Unlock the Magic. We now want to welcome you all to the Care Bears Games category, which is one of the most special categories on our website, where we are sure that we are going to be providing you with awesome games to play for years to come, since this franchise does not seem to stop growing, and is becoming popular year after year, something which can also be proven by the huge amount of Care Bears Games online that are currently available, compared to many other categories on our website. We have to admit that the big number of games that we can offer you here is one of the main reasons why we wanted this series to be available here, although we were already familiar with this world, and found it to be quite awesome, so we knew that it cannot be missing from our website for anything in the world! We are sure that there are going to be thousands of children from all over the world who are going to be very happy that on our website they get to find and play such awesome games, in addition to the thousands of other amazing games we have, which we want to invite you to check out as well, when you are done with this series. Now, we are sure that most of you are currently on this page because you are familiar with this series already, and it’s colorful and amazing characters, so all that you want is to play these games and have fun, which we invite you to do right away. Some of you at the other hand, might not be familiar with this world, but would like an introduction to it before you decide to play Care Bears Games, and we are going to provide you with it right here and now. We are going to tell you about the origins of the franchise, its different media that is currently available, and when all that is said and done, we are also going tell you about the many brilliant Care Bears Games online you will be able to find and play for free on this page. Well, the Care Bears are a group of bears in different colors, which started as characters used for greeting cards, but after their popularity soared, they became toys, and they were used in many different television programs and films as well, which only brought more attention to these characters, making them known all over the world, just like they still are to this day! Like we have said, each of the bears have a different color, but that is not everything, as they also have an unique insignia on their belly, which represents their personality. As such, each care bear is different from the others, meaning that children can learn more about the different types of personalities, and people that they can meet in the world, which is definitely great knowledge to have. Now, the series has been around almost thirty years now, and there is a recent animated show featuring these characters that you can currently find streaming on Netflix, which we are sure has only made this world even more popular, considering that the streaming service is now available everywhere, meaning there are even more children world-wide who get to fall in love with these characters. They might also want to play with their new favorite characters, which they will be able to do on our website, where we have gathered all sorts of cool and free Care Bears Games, resulting in a diverse category. We are talking about maze games, dress up games, puzzle games, coloring games, skill games, adventure games, memory games, music games, hidden objects games, and more. We are quite positive that no matter what tastes you have in online games, the chances are very high that you are going to find multiple games to your liking on this page, cementing that it is truly one of the best ones that we have here. If your friends do not know about it, or our website, make sure to send them here, for them to find a world full of fun, and be able to have a great time. Now, that is everything that we wanted you all to know regarding the Care Bears Games category, so the only thing that is left for you all to do is to start playing these games at once, because reading about them does not compare to actually experiencing them! Remember also that our website is full with all sorts of other games, all of them recommended, so we are inviting you to visit more of it, and to come back here daily, for you not to miss out on any of the brilliant games we add here daily!