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We here on our website have searched the internet for some of the most wonderful Cat Games on the internet, games which you can now find and play for free right on this page, so start browsing it! Find a game that you find interesting, give it a go, and you will see why Cat Games is one of our best categories, right away!

The Cat Games category was created in 12.05.2017 and from there we added more than 93 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 73 times and the best game from Cat Games it's Cat Simulator Kitty Craft.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 05.04.2020 which it's Kittys Bakery.

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Cats are without a doubt some of the most cute pets in the entire world, and the internet is always going crazy for them, which is why it was pretty obvious that there were a lot of online Cat Games available, and now, finally, you can also find and play these games on, where we have made sure to bring you all the Cat Games category, and in it, as many wonderful games with cats as possible, so that all of the visitors who enjoy these kinds of games, can have a lot of fun all of the time! Since there is a lot of fascination with these pets, it is no surprise at all that so many Cat Games have been created over time, and are made all the time as well, and since we have seen that the games featuring these animals are always really interesting, unique, and fun to play, we knew we had to waste no time at all in creating such a category on our website. Who does not love cats? Cats are small felines, which come in many shapes and sizes, have all sorts of colors, and have been pets around the house of humans for hundreds of years now, and everyone know that they were worshipped in Egypt, something which we actually find quite obvious, since what is there not to like about them? It’s really wonderful that cats can be very loving and very sassy and egotistical at the same time, and so many people get a lot of joy from having them around the house, playing with them, and petting them. Children love them even more, which is why we believe Cat Games are so popular, and still sought after on the internet, all of the time. Cats are not only cute to see and play with, but they have an important role as well, which is that of keeping the mice out of the house, because they are known for eating mice and hunting them down, and another animal that they usually prey upon are birds, even though birds are harder to catch, don’t you think? Well, in addition to their relationship with mice, they have another relationship with dogs, and this time, dogs go after cats, as everyone knows that dogs love to chase them around, with their rivalry being depicted even in movies, even though we have seen a lot of cats and dogs getting along as well. It depends on the breed of the animals, of course. There are so many breeds of cats as well, and most of them are going to be featured in these Cat Games, so you will definitely never get bored! If you want to know more about what kinds of games you will be able to find and play on this page, then you only need to read this description to the end, and you will find out more details right now! Well, we have games where cats act and look similarly to humans, so there can be cooking games, or adventure games for example. Still, the most usual games tend to be cat salon games, where you groom the cats so that they look wonderful, cat washing games, where you remove all of the dirt from their fur, since cats like being clean, and of course, cat doctor games are usual as well, since the poor pets also need to sometimes go to the doctor and have some health issues resolved. Makeover games, cat dress up games, cat care games, cat coloring games, cat puzzle games, and so many other types of games are going to be found here, so we have no doubt at all that boredom will never be the case while playing games from this page, without a doubt! Of course, our administrative team will make sure to always search the internet for all the latest Cat Games, and whenever we find a new one, and of high-quality as well, we will bring it to you immediately, and we have no doubt you will enjoy them. If you like these games, do not forget to also check out the Animal Games category as well, which is a companion category for this one, where all of these games are going to be found as well, in addition to many other animals that you may want to play with, since if you love one type of animal, you probably love many more as well! That was about everything that we had to tell you about this category, so we now want to urge you once more to begin playing these Cat Games, and to also tell all of your friends about them, because some of them might also be interested in playing these games, and you would want them to play them in the best place possible, right?