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You are now finding yourself on the page of the Chess Games category, which is a category of strategy games and thinking games/logic games which we believe is going to be one of the most popular ones we have, where you will be finding lots of games you like, just like you find in each category that we create.

The Chess Games category was created in 24.06.2018 and from there we added more than 16 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 17 times and the best game from Chess Games it's Obama Chess.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 15.10.2019 which it's Halloween Chess.

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Because in the past we have added plenty of online Chess Games on our website, we decided that it would be a great idea if we would create a page dedicated to these games for our website, because this makes it more simple than ever for our visitors to find and play the best free Chess Games online on the internet, which is the case for any other categories of games, since we have always worked hard to make sure that our website is very easy to browse, and for you to find the games that you are looking for. We have noticed over the years that more categories makes for more diversity, and diversity in online games is what children look for when they visit a website with online games, and at this point, we believe that we are one of the largest websites with online games on the internet, where all children, no matter what part of the world they come from, their age, or gender, are going to be able to find online games to their liking. Now, we invite you all to discover a whole new world from our website, which is the world of Chess Games friv! Now, the main reason why we have decided to create this category is after seeing how much of a variety of these games is available out there. We then thought that the fans of such games would love to be able to find a place where they get the best collection of games like this, so that they will not have to go to multiple websites to find the experience that they have been looking for. Well, that is now the case thanks to the creation of this category on our website. Well, we are sure that those who are not very versed in the world of these games, are wondering how there are so many games like these. Well, we were surprised at all, since chess is a strategy game that has been around for hundreds of years now, and the rules have not changed. Until a few years ago, when the world of online gaming took over the world, the only way to play chess was with a real board and real pieces, with a real person in front of you. That meant that if you had the need of playing this game, but did not have with who, you would not be able to play. Well, that is no longer the case, because in online Chess Games, you play against the computer, who is a capable opponent, who imitates as much as possible real players. Of course, you might want to take things up a notch, and play against real people, but still on the internet. If that is the case, you will be able to find Chess Games 2 player and Chess Games multiplayer, where you play either against a real person next to you, taking turns using the mouse, or against a person on another computer somewhere, with the two being connected through the internet. Isn’t that amazing? Wait no more, as you can play the best chess online right now, only on our website! We will now be telling you more about the games that you will be able to find and play for free on this page, so do not hesitate reading this to the end before you begin having fun with these games! Well, first of all, you should know that you will be able to find plenty of 3d chess games, because the 3d texture make it more real, and more fun at the same time. You will find chess games in 4 players, all at once, battling one another for the same space as in a regular game, which we are sure you will find to be an amazing and unique experience. You will play a chinese chess game, chess with knights, chess with Obama, chess with robots, and many more kinds, making this quite a diverse category, although it would note seem at first glance, we realize that! Well, now that we have told you everything that we wanted you to know regarding this category, we really hope that the next thing that you do right now is play the games on this page, and have fun like only here is possible. When you are done with this category, remember that our website has hundreds of other categories available, and thousands of games in total, so make sure to continue browsing, and see how much of a great time you can have on our website. If you want to make your experience with our website even better, what you should be doing is inviting your friends, because the more we are here, the more fun everyone has!