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If a ordinary day is just amazing for you, it's a little chance that you are just like Clarence, the boy that see everyting nice, good and amazing! Come with us, Clarence, Jeff and Sumo in the best adventures from Cartoon Network!

The Clarence Games category was created in 13.03.2016 and from there we added more than 37 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 321 times and the best game from Clarence Games it's Clarence: Awesomest Battle in History.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 02.09.2018 which it's Clarence Storyboard.

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Hello players and welcome to our new cateogry game named Clarence Games from Cartoon Network! We show that our players just love Cartoon Network shows and we decided to add all the shows and make great games for you to have fun on! Today we have a show that's broadcast on Cartoon from April 2014 and currently has 64 episodes and 2 seasons, so this year we are waiting for the new season 3 of Clarence! The show is follows the life of an 8-year-old chubby boy who is just a "love-the-life" character. He life with her mother in Arizona where she is kind of married with Chad, not a very good friend for Clarence. He have 2 best friends, Jeff who is the intellectual of the group and Sumo who is the part of group that always stay on reality. In each day on Clarence show you will se his life, problems and how he with his friends are manage them. From 2014 to 2016, Clarence show was nominated for Primetime Creative ARts Emmy Awards, Brithish Academy Children's Awards and Annie Awards but unfortunatlly our show was not the first. If you are a player on this site, you know that on every category with characters we will take one moment to say something about all the main characters of the show, and Clarence Games is not an exception. We have the main protagonist who give the name of the show, Clarence Wendell, a chubby, optimist boy who all day is outside enjoying everyting and spread the love! At the beggining of the show he was 8, but in 2016 he will make 10-year-old, so we will have new and interesting events. Some days we all want to be like Clarence because he is that type of boy who see the best in everyting. If he have an awful day and terrible, at the end of the day we will hearing Clarence recounting about his amazing day! They are some guys out there who may say Clarence is sick, autist or something like that, but the owners of the show says that Clarence just love everyting and find amazing all that he does. We will see in the show and in Clarence Games too that our frined is not very into girls because he just find them strange and creepy because how they dress, talk, walk, what music they listen and so on. Clarance dress with a t-shirt that have 2 colors, purple on arms and green in rest, with a pair of blue pants and a pair of shoes. He have short blonde hair and you will know him by hi's unmistakeable smile. Clarence is the main protagonist of the show and he is the main character in all our games that you will find playing Clarence Games, but it was once a episode where he did not appear in, "Have a Bail". Hi's family is composed by Mary, Chad, Dillis, Seymour and Damian. In Clarence Games we have many characters and a part of them are Aberdale Elementary Studnets like Belson, Nathan, Percy, Kimby, Coco and others, or West Aberdale Elementary Studens like Jimmy Chakraborty, Mel, Bree, Phill and more. We have some aduls too like Mrs. Berstein, Baker, Resse, Shoop, Sumozki, and some Minor characters like Amy Gills, Buckey O'Neil, Sammy, Gale and more others. The other main character in the show is Jeff Randell, one of the best friends of Clarence! You will know Jeff from his square head, short kaki pants and a blue t-shirt. One important thing at Jeff is that he's a germaphobe so everytime he does something, he first use his sanitizing spray. He is a smart boy who is conscientious and like school. We saw some episode where hi's a little bit more aggressive and despite but in a regular day, he is just the perfect friend. We are sure that you will meet all this characters in Clarence Games and one more, Ryan Sumozki, the other main character of the show and one of the best friends of Clarence! He is a 9-year-old boy who love to do crazy things and if you have a problem, he will search and find a solution although it's not the best. He is a good friend but we see often have a little envy for Clarence. Like in other shows we have bad characters too like Belson Noles, a bully from Clarence's school who all the time is rude and spoiled. He is a short kid with long hair but he is just very aggressive. We hope that you will love all of our games from Clarence Games and that you will come back for more fun. We are trying to add all the games with Clarence and his friends for our players. If you are a true gamer or player, you will win in all Clarence Games!