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Cleo and Cuquin Games/Familia Telerin Juegos is one of the best new categories of Nick Jr Games from our website, which we are very eccited to be able to present to you all, because we are the first website to share games based on this 2018 Nick Jr show, proving why it is our website that you should visit daily for the best new online games!

The Cleo and Cuquin Games category was created in 10.02.2018 and from there we added more than 13 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 60 times and the best game from Cleo and Cuquin Games it's Cleo and Cuquin Dress Up.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 21.04.2018 which it's Cleo and Cuquin Differences.

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Cleo and Cuquin Games is our website’s most recent category of Nick Jr Games, which we are very happy we have managed to create, especially since we might be the first website specializing in online games based on animated series to bring this category to children, proving once again why it is that you should be visiting Friv Games Today daily, because here is the only place where you can be up to date with all of the newest games on the internet, and whenever there is a new show airing on one of the major networks, you can rest assured that it is our website that is the first one to share games based on it, which was certainly the case for Cleo and Cuquin/Familia Telerin. If you are a Spanish-speaking person, then you have certainly heard about Familia Telerin, which is the show that this new animated picture was based upon, and we are very glad that it is on our website that you can now find and play Familia Telerin Juegos. For us, it is one of the best new animated shows for preschool children that we have ever seen, so it should come as no surprise at all that we have this category on our website. If you have been with this show from the start, as it only began a few weeks ago, we are sure that you are happy there is finally a place where you get to play Cleo and Cuquin Games, and trust us when we say that you will be able to fall in love with these games even if you have never seen the show prior to arriving on this page. If that is the case for you, but at the same time are curious why this show is so great, then you are invited to continue reading. In this next part of the description we are going to tell you what the show is about, and who it is about, after which we are going to present you with the types of Cleo and Cuquin Games that will be made available to you, and we have no doubt at all that you are going to be very happy with what you will receive on this page. Cleo and Cuquin are the two most famous of the Telerin kids, so it was finally time for them to have their own show, focused mainly on them, and aimed at four to five-year old children. In each episode, Cuquin, the little rascal, somehow ends up in all sorts of trouble, so his big sister comes to his aid and helps him get out of it. That of course, presents an adventure for them to have, and in these adventures they are usually joined by friends such as Tete, Pelusin, Colitas, and Maripi. The children play together in order to find the answers that they seek, and they often times end up dressing up like astronauts, scientists, pilots, or other jobs like these. At the end of the day, because of the adventures that she had had all day, Cleo decides what she wants to be when she grows up... but, of course, she will change it the next day, when something new will arrive in her life, and she is going to fall in love with a new activity. Quite interesting, right? Well, it is also educational, not just fun, which is the mix that you should also be expecting from our Cleo and Cuquin Games, about which we are going to tell you more things right now, and we are sure that after you see how diverse this category is, you will want to play the games from it as soon as possible, which you obviously get to do! You will have music making games, memory games, stickers games, dress up games, coloring games, puzzle games, or differences games. Like we said, both educational and fun! Well, we have gotten you curious, haven’t we? Well, the only thing that remains for you to do right now is to check out the games themselves, since you now know so many things regarding the series, it’s characters, and the games they are featured in, so there is absolutely nothing that should prevent you from starting to play our Cleo and Cuquin Games as immediately as possible! Do not forget, when you are done playing these games, that your friends would love the opportunity as well, so share this page with them, and do not forget to tell everyone about our website, because upon coming here they will be able to discover a whole new world of fun with online games, and trust us when we say that there is no other place where you will get to have as much fun as you get to do here!