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Welcome everyone to the Craig of the Creek Games category, which is our newest category of Cartoon Network Games from our website, a category for which we are very excited, since we are the first ones to have created it, so remember that the best home for these games is going to be our website, so if you enjoy them, you are in the right place!

The Craig of the Creek Games category was created in 31.03.2018 and from there we added more than 9 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 70 times and the best game from Craig of the Creek Games it's Craig of the Creek The Adventure Quiz.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 16.03.2020 which it's Cartoon Network Party Mix.

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Craig of the Creek Games is the newest category of Cartoon Network Games that we have created in 2018 for you all, where we want you to have fun with as many great games based on this show as possible, because this is the latest show to start airing on this network, and our website was the first one to create such a category for it, so we once again prove why our website is the best place for you to come and find online games daily, because only here will you be able to find the newest games on the internet, as soon as the series that they are based upon start airing. We think this is only one of the many reasons why our website is so visited all the time, as we have plenty of people coming here daily, looking for the best games on the internet, finding them, and then playing them and having plenty of fun! Well, among the many types of games that we have on our website, those that are based upon animated series are among the most popular, and in that category, Cartoon Network Games stand out from the crowd, something of which we are not at all surprised, since it is one of the most popular channels for children. This year is a big one for this network, with lots of new animated series starting to air on it in the United States as well as the whole wide world, and we hope that all of them prove to be popular, and that they remain on the channel for years to come, since that means that there will be plenty of new games based on them created all the time, and you can be sure that our website will always be the first one to share them with you all. So far, as Craig of the Creek Games go, there are none out there, but we have a dedicated administrative team, which loves to create games as well as adding them, so we are quite positive that in no time at all you are going to find such games made by our team, original ones, which no doubt about it are going to prove popular, like they usually do! Now, in the next part of the description we are going to tell you what the show is about, as well as who are the main characters in it, and if you have not seen the show before, we recommend that you read, because it is going to make you more excited about the games, and who knows, sometimes it might also prove very helpful when you play them. Still, we can also recommend playing Craig of the Creek Games without knowing anything about this world prior to doing so, because you will still enjoy them a lot, no doubt about it! A boy named Craig is going to be the main character of the show, and we are going to follow his adventures, alongside his friends named Kelsey and J.P. The place where they have their adventures and lots of fun is the titular Creek, which is a fantastical place inhabbited by tribes of children, who are the ruler of tree forts and dirt bike ramps. Craig has a mystical staff with which he loves to play with in the Creek, Kelsey is a ginger girl who loves adventures, is over-dramatic, and has internal monologues which she shares with everyone without even knowing, and JP is a really tall boy who hangs around with them, who might not be the brightest one, but certainly is of great help all the time, and loves his friends. Well, we certainly believe the series to be quite interesting, just like we are positive that you will too, and something is telling us that in no time at all it is going to become very popular, and you are going to love coming back to our website to find and play the latest Craig of the Creek Games on the internet! Now that we have told you all of these things regarding the category, there is not anything else that you should be doing, but just start giving them a chance, and see if you like them or not, and we are inclined to say that you will love them. Well, of course, we want to remind you that in addition to Craig of the Creek Games, our website has hundreds of other categories already created, with a total of thousands of games available on our website, so when you are done playing these games, you can browse our website easily, and in no time at all you are going to find games to your liking, being able to keep on having fun on our website for however long you want to!