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In the Dawn of the Croods Games you will play many interesting games featuring this prehistoric cavemen family who is afraid of the outside world. We added the Dawn of the Croods Games category because we thought that you will enjoy the games we can add here, so prove us right and start playing the games right away, and we hope you will have fun!

The Dawn of the Croods Games category was created in 07.06.2016 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 12 times and the best game from Dawn of the Croods Games it's Dawn of The Croods Coloring.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.02.2018 which it's Sandys Jumping Adventure.

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We are very excited to be able to offer you the Dawn of the Croods Games category here on, where we plan to add some of the best games based on this great new show from Netflix, a show which is the prequel to the 2013 hit animation movie The Croods, which was one of the most viewed animations in that year, which we have also seen, and we enjoyed it very much indeed. Well, the popularity of the 2013 movie started of a franchise, with Dawn of the Croods, a prequel series streaming on Netflix since December 2015, and a sequel film which we are going to see in theaters in 2017, which we are also very excited for. Now, the Dawn of the Croods Games category might not be something new for many of you, but if you didn't see the series or the movie either, you might want to learn more about the Dawn of the Croods Games category, especially about the plot of it, the characters, and other interesting things that you might find good to know. Well, we will use this description to offer you all this information, and we hope we will manage to get you to play the fun Dawn of the Croods Games on our website, which are games we added with love and with your fun in mind, of course, like all the other games on our website! The first question we should answer is: who are the Croods? Well, the Croods is a family living in prehistoric times, and just like most families, it is lead by the father, Grug Crood. In the film Grug is very overprotective towards his entire family, not letting them get out of their cave only for little time through the day, to get food and supplies, because he thinks that new things might be dangerous, and that there is danger to humans all around them. He is most protective towards his daugher, Eep, who wants to see the outside world and go on adventures. Well, in the movie, they will be forced to do that as they will have to abandon their cave and join Guy, a caveman who is not too strong, but he is inventive and has great ideeas to solve problems, in his journey to find shelter, because the continents are about to drift, so earthquakes and calamities will follow them around. This is the main plot of the film, and Dawn of the Croods presents the adventures of Eep, Grug and their family before these events, presenting other characters and their life before their adventures in the film. Well, that is about everything you have to know about the film and it's prequel series, so you can now go and play Dawn of the Croods Games with no worry, only here, on! Play the wonderful puzzle games, coloring games, memory matching games or other kinds of games from the Dawn of the Croods Games category, and have a great time, like you can have only on our website!