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Become a her yourself right now with the many DC Comics Games we have added on this page, where you get to find some of the best Super Heroes Games on the internet! Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more can be found and played with in this category of DC Comics Games, so waste no time and start right now!

The DC Comics Games category was created in 28.03.2017 and from there we added more than 144 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 0 times and the best game from DC Comics Games it's Gotham City Speed.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 12.11.2019 which it's Gotham City Speed.

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Fans of Super Heroes Games, you are all welcome to the DC Comics Games category on, which is one of the two big categories of games involving super heroes from our website, the other one being Marvel Games, as these two categories have been created in order to host all of the games based upon heroes originating from their brand, as these two have been the juggernauts of comic books and super heroes for decades now, and they are still in competition with one another, but now more in the cinematic world, as both of them have their own cinematic universe. The one for DC is called the DC Extended Universe, DCEU for short, and it was started with the 2013 film Man of Steel, which had Batman V Superman as a sequel, with Suicide Squad being another film in the franchise. In 2017, the big screen is going to welcome Wonder Woman, and Justice League, which means it is going to be an amazing time for super hero fans, especially for the fans of DC Comics. Well, for the more younger fans, who spend their days on the internet, it is also going to be a great year for DC Comics Games, because our website plans to create categories for all of their heroes who have games available, thus making sure that our website becomes the go-to destination for these games for all online players. Of course, we already have some created for quite some time, like Teen Titans Go Games, Justice League Games, Justice League Action Games, or DC Super Hero Girls Games. In the near future you are also going to be able to find on our website Superman Games, Batman Games, Wonder Woman Games, Green Lantern Games, The Flash Games, Green Arrow Games, Aquaman Games, Cyborg Games, Suicide Squad Games, and many, many others. All of the categories based upon characters, shows, and comic books coming from DC Comics are going to have their games also belong to the DC Comics Games category, which is the page on which you find yourself right now, so if you want to find where the complete collection of games from this franchise is, then you have already found the place, and we sure hope that you are happy with what you see! Then, there is an even bigger category of games than DC Comics Games, which is the Super Heroes Games category, where you are going to find games from Marvel as well, in addition to many other super heroes, so fans of this genre should also check that category out immediately. Let’s talk some more about the DC Comics Games then, because we are sure that you want to find out more things about this page, which is one of the biggest ones we have on our website, and of which we are very proud, since it has some of the best super hero games ever, so you should definitely give it a try! Well, here you are going to play games with Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and many other super heroes, with most of the games being action games, adventure games, or fighting games, but with other formats being present as well, like puzzle games, memory games, or coloring games. Hey, even dress up games will be found in this category, as we are sure that girls would want to dress up their favorite super hero, male or female, and they get to do so on our website. This universe also has it’s own super hero team, which is the Justice League, so you are going to find games where all of the members of the League are going to be in one game, or other smaller games where two or three heroes team-up for a mission they could not have accomplished by themselves. One thing is certain, you cannot get bored while playing DC Comics Games on our website, so we urge you all to start browsing this page immediately, spot a game that you are interested in, and play it immediately! We are sure that from start to finish you are going to have an amazing time, and boredom is never going to be a problem. If you have friends that are also interested in this genre a lot, do not forget to send them here, so that they can also discover these really amazing games and have fun playing them. Share the fun, and then everything is better! Whenever you want to find new DC Comics Games on the internet, make sure to visit our website first, because we are sure that we will do our best to update the category as often as possible, so whenever a new game that fits this category is going to show up on the internet, our website is going to be the first one to share it with you all!