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The Descendants Games is one of the most popular categories that you can currently find on our website, and with no doubt one of the most popular Disney Channel Games categories! Here you will get the chance to play with the children of different villains and heroes from your favorite Disney fairy tales, something that only in the Descendants Games category you can do!

The Descendants Games category was created in 04.07.2016 and from there we added more than 76 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2292 times and the best game from Descendants Games it's Descendants 2: Mal Vs Uma.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 07.12.2019 which it's Winter Cart Blaster.

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We know there are a lot of girls and boys who love to play Descendants Games, which is exactly the reason why we have created this category, and be sure that on you will be able to find some of the best games based on this incredible Disney Channel Original Movie of 2015 which was one of the most popular DCOM that Disney Channel aired. It's no suprise, since it features an incredible world of fairy tales, re-imagined for the new generation, and all the children who loved fairy tales also loved this great film. Now, this description that we have created for the Descendants Games category has the purpose of offering you information about the film, like the plot or the characters, the setting and many other interesting things, in addition to telling you about what kind of Descendants Games you will be able to find and play on our website! Of course, if you can't wait anymore, and you already know these things, nothing is holding you back from starting to play the games right now! The rest of you, who don't really know much about the film, come and take a look at the following passages in this description. The United States of Auradon is the setting of the show, which is a nation made of different kingdoms, united by Belle and King Beast, who are the queen and king of this powerful nation. The different villains in this world have been banished to the Isle of the Lost, which is a slum-like place where they live, and they can't use their magic thanks to a barrier. Now, in the present day, Ben, the son of Belle and Beast ascends to the throne, and plans to make the children of the villains in the Isle of the Lost to be allowed in Auradon, so they are not influenced by their parents. The children that we are going to follow are going to be Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, Mal, daugher of Maleficent, Jay, son of Jafar, and Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil. They are instructed by Maleficent to steal the Fairy Godmother's magic wand, with which they will release the villains. Will the children do it? Or will they integrate into their new lives in Auradon? As you can see, the premise of the show is a very interesting one, the characters are all fun to watch, so it's no wonder that the film was so popular, and that children all over the world enjoy playing online Descendants Games. You will have many Descendants Dress Up Games available on this website, but also baby caring games, makeover games, doctor games, spa games, but also memory games, puzzle games, differences games, and many other interesting formats. We are sure that you will never get bored playing Descendants Games, so we hope that you will begin to play them right now, and waste no time, because fun awaits, and it is only a click away from you! Good luck and all the best to all of you playing these games!