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We are very happy that on our website everyone can now find and play Design Squad Games, a category that has been in the making a lot of time, and where you can find lots of new and awesome games to play, all of them highly recommended, so we hope you check them out right now!

The Design Squad Games category was created in 14.02.2019 and from there we added more than 4 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 2 times and the best game from Design Squad Games it's Fidgit Power.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 04.05.2019 which it's Fidgit Power.

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You now find yourself on the Design Squad Games page of our website, and this is without a doubt one of the categories of PBS Kids Games that are are most excited about, since it is quite different from the previous one that originates from this channel, and we have a hunch you will be enjoying all of the games we bring you here for free, just like you do with the games from all of the other amazing categories we currently have at your disposal. Also, different from most of the other shows that are airing on this public network, this one is geared more towards middle-school and high-school children, because it is a reality competition where teams of students try to win a contest made by Intel, where they have to design all sorts of interesting and unique machines, with the prizes being scholarships worth of 10,000 dollars. It is not only a fun show to watch, but it is also very educational, and those who are interested in becoming engineers, or simply working in stem fields, we highly recommend that you check this out, and you will only become better thanks to it. Of course, because of the practical elements and nature of the show, it was only expected that there were Design Squad Games created as well, because we are positive that many children, after watching the people on television, became excited about this design activity, and wanted to do it themselves. What better way to do so than by playing online games? It is easy, reliable, and it is also very safe, and these Design Squad Games are great for kids of all ages, so we hope that everyone will give them a try and see for themselves why we wanted them here, in the first place. Now, we don’t really have much to tell you regarding the show itself, since it is a straightforward contest, where the children have to go through all sorts of challenges, and we can’t really tell you what they are about. Instead, what we can do is tell you what kinds of Design Squad Games will be available on this page, and something tells us that after reading about them in this article, the only thing you will want to do will be to start having lots of fun with them right away, like only here is possible! Let’s get on with it, shall we? Feed the Fidgits is one of the three games currently available, and in it, you have to design a farm, in which to use fish, pipes, and water in order to grow food, food that you will then feed to the Fidgits. Fidgits to the Rescue is yet another game, one where you have to find ways to deliver emergency supplies to these creatures after a natural disaster. As you can see, these games have great applications and use in real life as well. Don’t Flood the Fidgits is the third and final game we can tell you about from this category, where you have to build a city for these digital creatures to stay in and be protected from the flood. Of course, these are just the three games that the category has started with, but as long as the show keeps going on television, we are positive that there will be more new games based on the show that is going to appear, and you can be sure that we will be the first ones to share them with you all as quickly as possible, so make sure to visit us daily. Of course, don’t do it just for our Design Squad Games, but for the many other amazing categories that we have on our website, as we have hundreds of them, filled with great games you need to check out! Not just that, but day by day we keep bringing you new and fun games to play, one more great than the other, so make sure to check them out and come back here daily, so you don’t miss any of the fun. Your friends don’t know about the Design Squad Games category? Then show it to them, as well as our other games, you will have made their day better, for sure!