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The Digby Dragon Games category was created in 26.01.2017 and from there we added more than 10 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 6 times and the best game from Digby Dragon Games it's Digby Dragon Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 31.01.2019 which it's Digby Dragon Balloon Pop.

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Well, because Nick Jr has started to release some new shows in this beginning of the year, we know that children want to play games based on the new shows they see on their favorite networks, so we knew that we had to create a category of Digby Dragon Games on our website, since there are probably many of you who have already searched the internet for these games, and were disappointed that you could not find any. Well, that is until now, when we gladly offer you a category of Digby Dragon Games, which we have created with you and your good time in mind, knowing full well how many children are going to be happy that a brand new category of games, and an amazing one as that has been added on our website, where the fun really never stops. Another group of children that is now probably really happy are the children from the United Kingdom, since Digby Dragon is an animated show that has been airing over there ever since July of 2016, so we know that this show already has a pretty strong fan base, which has now grown a lot bigger since the show started airing in the United States as well, since the 23rd of January, 2017. We hear the show has had pretty good ratings, meaning that it is probably going to stick around for quite some time, and we are definitely happy about that, since we want quality shows to keep airing, and quality games based on them to be created, in order for us to be able to bring joy in your lives with the games that you get to play on our website. Well, of course, there are high chances that you haven't reached this page because you already knew about the show, loved it, and wanted to play online Digby Dragon Games. There are chances that you might have ended up here by mistake, you browsed the categories on the left and thought this one would be interesting, or you might have been sent here by your friends. Well, no matter the case of how you ended up here, the certain thing is that you have to stay, because for anything in the world, you should not miss out on the opportunity of playing these Digby Dragon Games. We are going to try and convince you by continuing this description with all the information that you need to know about the show, about the characters, and, of course, at the end, we are also going to talk a little about the games currently present on this web page. Digby, our main character, like you can probably tell from the title, is a dragon, and he is a young dragon, who, because he is young, he is now in the stage of learning how to fly, something he didn't know how to do so far. He is not the only character in the show, of course, since he is joined by his friends called Chips, Fizzy Izzy and Grumpy Goblin. Together, these four characters spend each episode going on amazing new adventures filled with magic in Applecross Wood, a colorful and enchanted place, without a doubt. Isn't the premise really interesting? Well, in each episode, by watching the adventure that the characters have in that episode, you can be entertained, but at the same time, there are a lot of lessons about life to be learned from these characters, lessons we are sure you will appreciate in your life. Because the show is a new one, of course, there are not that many Digby Dragon Games currently available on the internet. The first game we have added into the category is called Dragon Leap, and in it, together with Digby, you are not going to fly, since he still can't do it properly, but you are going to jump, and you will have a really great time doing all that, definitely. As the show will keep airing new episodes, we are certain that the fan base for it is going to grow larger, and the number of new Digby Dragon Games that are going to appear on the internet is going to rise. Where will you go to find the best new Digby Dragon Games on the internet? Well, our website is the correct answer, since will always bring you the most fun games on the entire internet, and the latest ones. Now, there is really nothing else that we could tell you about the category, meaning that it is now your turn to do something, which is starting to play these games right now, and let the fun begin! Pick whichever game you want, play it, and have fun! When you are done with all of them, remember to browse our other categories, which you find on the bottom of the screen, to keep having lots of fun!