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The Disney Princesses Games is a wonderful category of Disney Games we definitely recommend to all girls and boys on our website, where you will have so much fun you never even imagined possible! No matter what Disney Princess Games you choose to play from this page, we are sure you will like it, and have a really amazing time!

The Disney Princesses Games category was created in 24.03.2017 and from there we added more than 1178 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 1865 times and the best game from Disney Princesses Games it's Princess Christmas Coloring Book 2018.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 26.01.2020 which it's Stars and Royals BFFs Movie Night.

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Everybody is now welcome to the page of the Disney Princesses Games category on our website,, which is the go-to website when it comes to the best games on the internet, something we hope will remain true for as long as possible. We could not have the best website with online flash games on the internet without a category of Disney Princesses Games, don’t you think? Well, that is exactly why we have it, and we are sure that this is going to become one of the most visited categories on our website, and that is because it will encompass all of the games from the different Disney Games categories with princesses that we have created or we will create in time. So, expect to find on this page a lot of Snow White Games, Cinderella Games, Aurora Games, Ariel Games, Belle Games, Jasmine Games, Pocahontas Games, Mulan Games, Tiana Games, Rapunzel Games, and Merida Games. These are the eleven Disney Princesses that are part of this line as of 2017, and whenever a new princess is going to come around, we are going to make sure they will have their own category made, and awesome games with them added. While they do not belong to this franchise as well, here you are also going to find Elsa Games, Anna Games, Moana Games, Sofia the First Games, Elena of Avalor Games, or other similar games based upon characters from Disney movies or shows, which might not be officialy part of this franchise, but are still considered to be Disney Princesses, so we believe that their place should be here as well. One very important reason why there was a great need for a category of Disney Princesses Games was not only because we have games with the princesses on our website, but also because there are plenty of games these days which feature multiple princesses in one game, with none of them being more important than the other. They are mostly dress up games, make-up games, makeover games, and so forth, and we are not surprised at all that they have become so popular, because everyone loves it when their favorite princesses from Disney get together, are friends, and you can play with them in really awesome online games. Of couse, you will find those games in this category, and in the category of each princess as well, together with their solo games. Why are these characters so beloved, and their Disney Princesses Games so popular around the internet? Well, first of all, their Disney animated films based upon classic fairy tales are really popular all over the world, not only amongst children, but adults as well, since this franchise has been around for a very long time, so parents, children, and grandparents can enjoy these movies together, making them a family experience. If the animated movies were not enough, recently, Disney has been making live-action adaptions of these movies, starting with Cinderella, continuing on with Beauty and the Beast in 2017, and in the future we are going to see movies like Mulan, Aladdin, Snow White, Ariel, and other films, which makes us really excited about the future of this world, which is only getting bigger and bigger each year. The live-action adaptions bring even more popularity towards these characters, which means that it is only natural for Disney Princesses Games to be as popular as they are these days! Of course, the main reason is always going to be the characters in the franchise. These girls have always been described as role models towards young girls, since they are brave, intelligent, beautiful, and they go through any hardship they face with their full strength. That is why girls all over the world desire to be like their favorite princesses, and we believe that the closest way possible to do that is by playing Disney Princesses Games online, where you can dress them up, go on incredible adventures, and have all-around fun all of the time! One thing is certain, and that is these games are never going to disappoint, and this category is definitely going to be not only one of the biggest on our website, but also one of the most visited, so we are very eager to add here as many awesome games as possible, for your entertainment! So, what are you waiting for, then? Do a quick browse of this page, and choose the game you think you might like the most, start playing it, and have fun! We are sure that you are going to love all of the Disney Princesses Games we have added on this page, and will come back daily even, to see what else is new. You should, because our team will make sure you will always find something new and fun in this category of Disney Princess Games!