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If you always wanted to take a more active role in Dora’s adventures, playing Dora The Explorer Games is certainly the way to go, which is what we are inviting you to do here for free, where we are positive you are going to have an incredible time like nowhere else!

The Dora Games category was created in 25.03.2019 and from there we added more than 32 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 280 times and the best game from Dora Games it's Casa De Dora New Adventures.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 11.01.2020 which it's Nick Jr Holiday Party.

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Right now on our website you find yourself on the page of one of the most popular categories of Nick Jr Games we will ever have here, and we are very happy you are here, because it means you are now going to enter a whole world of fun out of which you will never want to get out, with the same thing being true of our entire website, for that matter! Dora The Explorer is a show that started way back in 2000, an was one of the longest-running shows on this network, considering that it aired until 2014, with a total of 172 episodes. A spin-off featuring a teenage Dora with a setting in the city was also released, called Dora and Friends Into The City, and we have games for that series too, on a separate page, and we definitely recommend that you visit there as well, to have even more fun, in a new world for Dora. We thought it would be better to have a separate page for the games based upon the classic character, who is now going to become even more popular, because in 2019 we will see the release of Dora and the Lost City of Gold, which will be the first ever live-action full-length feature movie based on the character, which is bound to bring this character back in everyone’s attention, and when that happens, we will be ready to share with you the best friv Dora Games on the internet, no doubt about it! Now, since the show is such a classic, and is known all over the world, you are probably here because you really love the world and characters, and only want to start playing Dora the Explorer Games right away. Well, nothing is stopping you, and we hope you do it right away! There might be some of you, though, who have come here because you have not seen the show before, and are reading this article to learn more about it. Well, if you do continue reading, you will learn what the show is all about, and you also learn information on the characters, and in the end we tell you all about the wonderful free Dora Games online you will be able to find and play here, and we are sure that you will jump on the chance to have fun with them right away! First of all, know that one of the main purposes that this show has is to teach children the Spanish language, which is important to know especially in the United States, where so many minorities speak it. She primarily lives in the jungle, where she goes on all sorts of interesting adventures together with her best friend and companion Boots, who is a cute little monkey, and often times with her cousin by the name of Diego. The adventures she takes part in are interactive, even in the television shows, because as the episode progresses, Dora asks children different questions, and before she gives the answer, kids are encouraged to find the solution themselves. Together with Dora, you get to solve all sorts of interesting puzzles, meaning that kids are not only entertained while watching this show, but they also learn lots of valuable lessons. Well, this can definitely be said of our Dora Games friv, about which we tell you right here and now, where you will learn how diverse and really interesting this page is. Of course, because of the show’s format, primarily you will find adventure games and puzzle games of different kinds, often times combined into one experience, but you will also find music games, cooking games, flying games, decoration games, dress up games, sport games, animal games, gardening games, matching games, memory games, educational games, and more. No matter if you are girls or boys, or what part of the world you come from, you are guaranteed to find games to your liking here, and have fun like only on Friv Games Today you could. Now, since you know everything you needed to know about this page, we invite you to enjoy these games right now, only here. Remember, though, Dora Games online is just one of hundreds of categories we currently have here, so if you visit other pages you will be able to have even more fun, which is what we hope to accomplish with each new and fun game we bring you every day. Don’t forget to tell your friends to come here as well, because more people play our games, the better they become!