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We want to welcome you all to the Doraemon Games category on our website, a category of games we highly recommend to everyone, since it is filled with awesome games for you to play, for which we have worked very hard, so it would be a waste for you not to try them and see how fun they are yourselves!

The Doraemon Games category was created in 29.11.2017 and from there we added more than 26 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 116 times and the best game from Doraemon Games it's Doraemon Smart Puzzle.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 17.12.2017 which it's Nobita's Revenge.

Read More About Doraemon Games

Doraemon Games is a very special category of games we are very happy we have finally managed to create on our website, with this category also being one of our largest ones, as it has tens of games, gathered from the many years that these games have been appearing on the internet, as these characters and the games inspired by them have been around decades now, so we have no doubt at all that you are very excited that now on you have the chance of finding and playing Doraemon Games, which you surely are going to do, right? Well, we have created the category thinking that you are going to do so, so we have no doubt at all this is going to be the case! We know that there are plenty of other websites that also have Doraemon Games on their home pages, but that does not matter, since none of them will have a diverse range of them like ours, and such a big number, because when we create a category, we make sure that we make it it’s best possible version, and to do so you can trust us when we say that we work quite hard. Now, the reason why there are so many games with these characters on the internet is because this franchise has begun with a manga, which is a japanese comic book, which has first started it’s run in 1969, and it has been one of the most popular manga there ever since. It has also been adapted into an anime movie and an anime series, prior to 2000’s, and in 2005 a new adaptation has begun airing, with season 13 having aired in 2017. The only reason why there can be so many episodes, so many chapters of the manga, is because there are great stories and great characters, so we have absolutely no doubt at all that there is a lot of interest in Doraemon Games, not only from Japan. The show is broadcast on several different channels in many parts of the world, so without a doubt there are going to be lots of children wanting to play these games. Surely you must do as well, and if you are already familiar with this franchise, we have no doubt at all that you are going to do it immediately! Now, if you have never heard about this series ever before, and you would like to learn more about it, it can be arranged. You solely need to read the next part of the description, where we are going to tell you what the show focuses on and who are it’s characters, after which we are going to get into what you are really interested about, which is the Doraemon Games that we offer on this page for free for you all. Now, the show focuses on Doraemon, a cat-like robot, who comes from the future, and comes to Nobita, in order to steer him in his life, so that he is going to go on the correct path in his life. Nobita is usually pretty naive and clumsy. Shizuka is a girl, who is Nobita’s best friend and love interest as well, and there are also other characters in the show, who sometimes might be his friends, or sometimes his enemies. The thing that has made the show so appealing to so many children over the years is because each episode of the show manages to teach some important lesson to the children, through the adventures that Nobita and Doraemon have, in addition to the adventures being really fun. Now that we have told you what the show is about, and who the show is about, let us tell you about the diverse range of games on this page. Here you will be able to find coloring games, football games, baseball games, running games, platform games, basketball games, adventure games, puzzle games, memory games, motorcycle games, racing games, fishing games, dress up games, hidden objects games, car games, and many others. This is really one of the most diverse categories of games we have, which we are sure is going to be pretty obvious with just a simple browse of this page, where you will find plenty of awesome content. Well, with that, we have managed to tell you evereything that we wanted about the Doraemon Games category, so hopefully you will start playing the games, even if you might not have been keen on doing that at the beginning of this description. Do it, and we are sure that after playing them, you are going to have no regrets at all, not a single one even! Do not hesitate to share this page with your friends as well, maybe even on social media, so that as many people get to find these awesome games.