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The El Tigre Games category was created in 17.01.2017 and from there we added more than 8 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 9 times and the best game from El Tigre Games it's Rapido Racer.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 22.12.2017 which it's Nick Dance Off Clash On.

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Here on, we always try to create as many interesting categories as possible for you all, because we know that you visit our website in search for them, because you want every day to be special and be able to have fun playing as many interesting games as possible. Well, one of the new categories of games we have decided to create on our website is a category called El Tigre Games, which is one of the latest categories of Nickelodeon Games we have created, and if you like other categories created for shows from this network, then we are most positive that you are going to enjoy this one as well, and have a really wonderful time playing all the games in it! We here on our website do not only stay up to date with whichever new series have started airing on your favorite children's network, but we also look into the past, where there are many series that have aired over the years, which have amazing online games made after them, so we want to be able to share those with you as well, because that way, you get to experience something new, and maybe find some of your new favorite characters as well. We say that because the show that this category of El Tigre Games is based upon has aired back in 2007, and had only one season, with it's full title being El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, so if you also search the internet for El Tigre The Adventures of Manny Rivera Games, you are also going to reach our website, where you will find all the games based upon this show! While the show only had one season, it is still available online on the Nickelodeon website, meaning that it is still being discovered by children all over the world, to this day, and we are most positive that these children also want to play online El Tigre Games, something which they can now do on our website, where we always do our best to offer you great content! Well, if up until now, you haven't heard of this series before, but you are somewhat interested in playing the El Tigre Games on this page, we invite you to keep reading this description, because in the next paragraph of this description, we are going to provide you with as much information about the show as we can, finishing things off with telling you about the wonderful El Tigre Games you can play on our website, games we are certain you will find to be very enjoyable, and which you will have a really awesome time playing, like we believe to be the case with all of the games on our website, actually! We are going to start off with the story, so pay attention! The setting of the show is a fictional Mexican town called Miracle City, a metropolis filled with crime, where we have one special boy whose adventures we follow. We are talking about the main character, Manny Rivera, who used to be a regular 13 year old boy until one day he gained super powers, so he is now having to decide whether to use this powers for good or for evil. It is though for him to choose because in his family, there are both super heroes and villains alike. His father is a super hero called White Pantera, who Manny admires and wants to grow up as, but on the other side we have Manny's grandfather, a super villain called Puma Loco, who believes that Manny should use his powers for the dark side. This conflict and this premise makes for some really entertaining episodes of the show, with a lot of action and fun, so it's no wonder that the show has such amazingly fun El Tigre Games made after it. Let's tell you more about these El Tigre Games then, shall we? We are sure you are very curious to know what you are embarking upon. The category is going to include mostly adventure games and action games, but also other formats like memory games, racing games, or trivia games, but the main thing you should know is that no matter what game you choose to play from this category, you will have a great time playing it, and regret it not one bit. Well, we believe that we have told you all there is to know about the El Tigre Games on, so, naturally, we now invite all of you to start playing the games we have added on this page right now, so that you don't miss out on the immense fun that it can provide you with! We wish you all good luck and hope that you have a really awesome time!