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All it's started from playing a card game name Battle Day Zero, but now we have heroes, villains and mystical powers! Come with us, John, Max, Hiro and fight with the evil force to protect Earh!

The Exchange Student Zero Games category was created in 09.03.2016 and from there we added more than 6 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 46 times and the best game from Exchange Student Zero Games it's Exchange Student Zero Battle Day Brawl.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 03.07.2016 which it's Hiro and John Stitt Puzzle.

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We are back with a new category games for our players and the newst cateogry is called Exchange Student Zero Games and it's about a show from Cartoon Network that was premeried in Europe in September 2015. This show is about battle cards like Yu-Ghi-Yoh or Pokemon cards and we have so interesting characters like Hiro Karuta which is the main protagonist. We will try to come with all the games so you can play all day long. The whole series is following an ancient card game named Battle Day Zero where you can fight with monster from other worlds. In the past all thise monsters were free but after a big war they were banish in thise cards and people from Earth play with them. The cards make a link from Earth to Kingdoms of Multiverse from where all the monsters come and fight. The object of the game is to reduce the life points of your enemy or opponent to zero first, in this way you win the battle. This card game is a little bit more interesting beside other game cards from this site or from the internet because here you find 2 deks, Entity Deck and Battle Deck. The first is composed by 10 cards and the second is composed by 35 cards. You may know that Exchange Student Zero first was a movie where John Stitt and Max Cameron were playing Battle Day Zero. One day a big strom make something incredible where they played BDZ and we don't know how but they manage to take Hiro, a character from deks into our world. In that seconds they were happy and worried in the same time, but they decided to take Hiro with them at school like an exchange studend from Japan, from here the title Exchange Student Zero. But, if Hiro is here, it means that all the characters from the parallel universe can join Earth so the boys must stop this until it's too late. We will help our new friends to fight with monsters that came to eart in Exchange Student Zero Games. Just one day after they transfer Hiro in our world one new character is on his way, but this time is about a evil character, a powerful enemy and we need to focus and stop him! In Exchange Student Zero Games we have some nice characters which whom you will be able to play, so all the players can read forward to understand the whole story from the show. The first character is the main one, Hiro Karuta, the Ninja Prince of The Karuta Realm and the hero from Exchange Student Zero. He is the new student from Japan, but in reality he is a combination of Marine Boy, Encio Man and Kung Fu, a very powerful boy from the other universe, from a violet anime world who try to fit in our world but let's be true, it won't be so easily in South Perth High School. All the games from this category will be with Hiro. John Stitt is one of the human that know the big secret about Hiro because he is one of that 2 boys that make this possible by playing Battle Day. He is a little bit shy but after his new friend arrive to school all things changes. Now he is busy to repair the problem. The other boy from this seris that knows the real fact about Hiro is Max Cameron, the player who manage to transfer Hiro in this world by a card game named Battle Day. Max is a little bit more different than John because he try to take adventage of Hiro's power for his problems. Thise 3 boys are now the main characters of Exchange Student Zero from Cartoon Network. One more character is almost at the same importance like these three, and it's about Amonsun, the Karutan House Pet that was transfered with Hiro on Earth. He is very cute, but posses a big power, to transform into a great and epic fighting machine that can stop everyting! In Exchange Student Zero Games we will have more characters for play with like Charity Stitt, Avere, Principal Rogerson, Lionel Stitt, Denmad, King Blackyard, King Karuta or Peg Stitt. Of course we have a main antagonist from this show, she's name is Princesss Avere Blackyard and it's a very tuff girl! Along these characters we add more like Happy Peach Flower, Lucinda, Felintine, Prince Castillian, Leroy Rogerson, Prince Chaos, Grindiok, Queen Blackyard, Papa Rainbow, Headly Mansuda, Malentwin, Queen Karuta, Tom Coach and Sergent Sloane who think he is one of the most badass men's alive.. but it's not like that, you know it! The last list of characters is the Background Entity and this characters are seen in the show rare, they are Faith and Hope, Frizbi, Hydragon, Madame Fulsome, Manzatank, Minotaur Horde, Mutoctopi, Raterpillar and others like that. We hope that you will love to play these games with your gamers friends or familly. Come back on everyday to see the latest game with Exchange Student Zero. Play and win!