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We are very happy that on our website we can now provide all of you with Family Guy Games, which are games that you can't find on many other websites, so take advantage of this, and have a lot of fun playing them, like you do with all of our amazing games!

The Family Guy Games category was created in 06.07.2017 and from there we added more than 16 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 5 times and the best game from Family Guy Games it's Peter Vs Giant Chicken.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 12.07.2017 which it's Family Guy Quizmania.

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It is only on that you can find such categories as this one, Family Guy Games, which is one of the most recent categories of games that we have created for our website, and this category, unlike many other categories that we have on our website, is really different, for many reasons, which only makes our website more unique, and better, because we know cater to an even larger audience, and we are sure that we are making a lot of people all over the world happy with the addition of the Family Guy Games category, which we hope is going to be a hit. Why did we say that this category is different from all the others we have? Well, as you probably think, animated series are only for children, but that is no longer the case, as there have always been certain animated series aimed towards adults, since in an animated series you can do a lot more things than in a live-action one, especially when it comes to comedy, which is the genre that most animated series for adults have, which is also the case for Family Guy, which is one of the longest-running animated series for adults in the world. The reason why the show is still airing is because the creators keep churning new episodes, still of a high quality, with the gags getting better and better, so it is not surprising at all that we still get to see these characters on-screen. Well, you might think that because the show is targeted towards adult audiences, there are no online Family Guy Games available, and that we have created this page in vain, but that is certainly not the case, as we have found quite a lot of Family Guy Games on the internet, one more fun than the other one. Of course, just because the show is aimed towards adults, that does not mean that the games cannot be played by children, since the games do not usually involve any of the storylines or gags in the show, only the designs of the characters. Of course, that means that whether you are an adult or a child, we recommend that you play our awesome Family Guy Games, about which we are going to tell you more right now, as we are certain you want to know what kinds of games this page has to offer everyone. You will be able to play hunting games, adventure games, quiz games, shooter games, memory matching games, and even solitaire games or soundboard games. Of course, we have not forgotten about the really awesome puzzle games either, since they are a mainstay of this category as well. Now that we have told you what the games are all about, we are sure that there are some of you who might never have heard about this show, which aires on Fox, so we want to help you, if you seek out information about it, so do not look anywhere else, since in the following passage of this description we are going to tell you what the show is about, and after you are done reading about this, we are sure that you will want to play these games even more. Well, the show is designed just like a sitcom, and it follows the daily adventures of the Griffin family, which is comprised of: Peter Griffin, the dad, who is a simple worker who does a lot of stupid things, although he is well-intentioned, his wife Lois, who is a stay-at-home mom who used to be part of a really wealthy family, and their children, Meg, who is their bullied teenage daughter whom the family makes a lot of fun of, Chris, an awkward teenager who is overweight and uninteligent, and finally, Stewie, who is a todler who has a british accent, is very intelligent, and acts just like a villain would all the time. Of course, let’s not forget about Brian, their dog, who can talk, who is really smart, has a british accent, and is really sarcastic, but despite of this all, he is still treated like a regular dog by the family. Well, with such a premise and characters, you can see why this show has been on the air from 2005, and it is till going great, right? Well, we are sure that it will still be popular in the future, and even if the show will stop airing, we will still always have our Family Guy Games on this page, which are going to be able to be enjoyed by generations to come. What are you waiting for, then? Start playing our fantastic Family Guy Games right this moment, have a lot of fun playing them, and then check out the other many of our amazing categories, you will not regret it!