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Join us right now and play the best new Fantasy Patrol Games on the internet, games with magician girls unlike you’ve ever had the chance to play before on our website, and if you are fans of this show already, know that this is the best place where you can find and play games with these characters!

The Fantasy Patrol Games category was created in 15.12.2019 and from there we added more than 5 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 5 times and the best game from Fantasy Patrol Games it's Fantasy Patrol Hidden Hearts.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 23.12.2019 which it's Fantasy Patrol Hidden Scenes.

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Fantasy Patrol Games is the newest category of games for girls which we also recommend that boys check out, which is another series to come from Russia, a country that keeps producing new and interesting shows for children, in different styles of genres, and if you are a child who loves adventure, fun, magic, and amazing characters that come together to save the day, then Fantasy Patrol is definitely for you! Well, obviously, this show is not known all over the world, but it has been aired outside of Russia as well, so we would expect all sorts of audiences to come here to check it out. Still, even if you’ve never seen the show, we can guarantee that you can still have a great time playing games with Fantasy Patrol on our website since having seen the episodes does not help you play the game, as it only makes them more exciting for the fans of the show. Still, in case you are a curious kid who wants to know more about this world before he or she enters it, we will now tell you what Fantasy Patrol is about, who are the main characters it follows, after which you also get to learn what kinds of friv Fantasy Patrol Games will be made available for you, and we’re sure that when you finish reading this you will want to start enjoying the games right away, as you should! Helena, Valery, Mary, and Snowy are four young girls who are at the center of this story, with them is not just best friends, but they have all sorts of adventures together as a team of magicians or sorceresses, as there can only be fun and fantastic things when magic is involved, no? Their place of action is the fantastical place called Fableton, which is inspired by fairytales, and is composed as an amusement park where new and amazing things are happening all the time! The four grow daily like friends, as magic users, and they work together to stop the forces of evil from doing anything bad, as their goal is to keep the peace in this magical land! Helena is always ready for a new adventure, and she is the type to first do and then think about it, which is why she always springs into action first, and while that might cause problems at times, they always see everything through. She is always ready to make new friends, and cheerful all the time! Mary sticks to the plan and does everything by the rules, but has some problems with dealing with her feelings while being very good at handling and making new gadgets for the team to use in their adventures. Snowy does not interfere in the girl’s problems, and she has the habit of taking things literally, and she is usually calm and keeps to herself. Valery always takes command and is a natural-born leader, as she is quite confident, smart, strong, and always ready to meet a new challenge head-on! As for the different Fantasy Patrol Games online that you will be able to find here, they are usually the kinds of games to feature images taken from the show, such as hidden objects games with stars, objects, scenes, or hearts. There will also be puzzle games featuring these lovely magicians, or even a game where you make ice cream with the girls. Of course, this just is what the series starts with, as we’re sure there will be plenty more interesting games with Fantasy Patrol for you to play here in the future, all for free! Now you know all you would need to know about a series such as Fantasy Patrol Games, so start playing and having fun with its games right now and here, but make sure not to stop, since we’ve got thousands more amazing games you could have fun herewith, so make sure to continue having fun like only on our website you would have the chance!