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If you loved Finding Nemo, like we are pretty sure you did, you are also going to love the sequel, Finding Dory, and even more, the Finding Dory Games you can find on our website and play right now, and right here! Don't miss any of the Finding Dory Games on our website, because you will miss out on great fun!

The Finding Dory Games category was created in 13.06.2016 and from there we added more than 17 games for boys and girls that are interested in gaming online. These games were voted in total 27 times and the best game from Finding Dory Games it's Forgetful Friend Adventure.

We recommend you to play the latest game added in this category on 28.01.2017 which it's Finding Dory Hidden Letters.

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Because we want to offer you the best concent possible, we have created the Finding Dory Games category for our website, which is a category which we expect is going to become very popular the very first instant the film starts showing in cinemas on 17 June. We have waited 13 years, but finally, we got our Finding Nemo sequel, as Finding Dory, this new movie from Pixar and Disney is a continuation of the story from Finding Nemo, a 2003 animated movie which is still loved all around the world to this day. Since we are aware of the popularity of the characters, and the giant anticipation there is for this new film, we knew we had to create a Finding Dory Games category, where we could add fun Finding Dory Games based on this film, as many children would like to play these kind of games after seeing the film, and you will all be able to do that right here, on Despite the fact that the film is released 13 years after the first one, in the timeline of the movies, the plot of Finding Dory happens only six months after the events in Finding Nemo. Dory, who is a fish who has short term memory loss, so she forgets things right away, suddenly remembers childhood memories, and sets out to California, because there is something she remembers about that place. She does not go alone, of course, but joined by Nemo and his father Marlin. Of course, the film will see the appearance of new characters like Bailey, a white wale, Destiny, a whale shark, and the octopus Hank, who becomes Dory's guide. Together, these characters will have a lot of fun exploring the Pacific Ocean, trying to get to California, where hopefully Dory will find her family, and learn more about her past. But not only the characters will have the chance to have fun and go on adventures, but so will you, by playing incredible Finding Dory Games on our website! Here, you will be able to find adventure games, but also simpler games like memory matching games, numbers spotting games, or puzzle games, and we hope that you will check them all out at once. Of course, the premiere of the film will definitely make the number of Finding Dory Games grow by very much, and we hope that you will enjoy all the games we will add here. As you can see, we have created the Finding Dory Games category with you and your fun in mind, which is why we hope that you will play the games here, but also show the page to your friends, so that they can also find the wonderful Finding Dory Games made available to them, so that they will also have fun. Unlike Dory, don't forget about our website right away, but come back here daily, to find the most new Finding Dory Games and many more, as offers the best content for all of you, and we are sure you will love each game on our website!