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If you like playing puzzle games online, then it is indeed your lucky day, since right in this moment you all get the opportunity of playing a game such as Loisian Runes, which is a game not to be missed out on, since we have had a really awesome time playing it, and we are sure that the same thing is going to be true for you all as well, even if you do not usually play such games. It is great to try new experiences, so why would you not try out this game? Especially since up next we explain it to you, so it should not be stressful at all to play it. Well, your goal in each level is to put together all of the runes, by guiding yourself using the lines drawn on the runes. To do so, you are going to use the mouse, clicking on the runes, and then clicking the arrow in the direction that you want the runes to be oriented. Using this method, link them all together, until the whole puzzle is complete, and you get to escape. There is nothing else we need to tell you regarding the game, so we leave you playing it right now, and we are sure that you are about to have a great time with it, like with all of our games for that matter!


Use the mouse.


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