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Well, we did promise that we would return to the Football Games category today as well, which is a promise which we are keeping right now, by offering you all the chance of playing one of the best new world cup games online on the internet, as well as quiz games at the same time, since World Cup Quiz is a game that is both at the same time, and is meant especially for big fans of soccer and the World Cup, who know a lot of trivia about it. Is that you? Then this game is a must-play, for sure! The next part of this description will explain what you do in the game, so do not hesitate reading it. Well, you are going to get one question after the other. For each question, underneath it you see the four possible answers, and you choose the one you think is correct. Both the wrong and the correct answers are counted, and make sure to have more correct ones by the end. You are going to answer the question until you get it right, meaning that you will also learn at the same time. Good luck to everyone, and if you are up for more awesome games, plenty of them are available here, all for free!


Use the mouse.


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