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Since we have seen how much you have been enjoying the Friv 4 School Games we have been bringing you all, and since we are positive that you also like playing puzzle games and animal games as well, we thought that we would combine all of these things together right now, and bring you all the game called Sheep Physics, which we have a feeling you are going to greatly enjoy, since it is unlike anything else you have played here prior, and we are sure that you are always up for a fresh experience, right? The next part of the description explains what you have to do in this game, so do not hesitate to read it before you begin! The goal you have in each level is to reach the yellow sheep at the top, by connecting and creating a safe construction out of other sheep. Figure out the correct way to connect them in order to not have the structure crumble. Of course, each new level is harder than the last, but if you concentrate, we are sure you will do a great job! Also, stay with us, since the day is not done, so we have more awesome games to offer you in this same category, and you will not want to miss them, trust us!


Use the mouse.


Sheep Physics Walkthrough

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