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Welcome dear fans of Teen Titans Go Games on our website to the game called Teen Titans Go To The Movies 3 2 1 Action, which is the first of a series of multiple new Teen Titans Go To The Movies Games, which is the new movie featuring these characters that is going to air in cinemas in a week, and for that movie we are prepared with awesome games based upon it, with 3,2,1... Action being the first one, and a really fun one for that matter. In the game, the Teen Titans have gone to Hollywood, where they are very famous, so paparazzi and fans are following them all the time, trying to take their picture. You will help them avoid them, and we are going to tell you how right now, so pay attention! Well, you start by choosing which of the available characters you want to be! With the mouse you click where you want Robin to move, if you want him to jump, and you click on the enemies to attack them. Take them out before they get to snap your picture, and after they are defeated, get the coins that they leave behind, to get a really big score. Good luck to you, and we hope you will be having an amazing time, like always!


Use the mouse.


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ana paula 01.09.2018 23:00

eu nao gostei do jogo

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