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We now return for a third and final time today into the Multiplayer Games category, for which we have just now prepared for you a really awesome airplane game, called Air Wars 2, which you probably already realized is all about going to war on an airplane, so this is a really great chance for you to be a pilot, especially since instead of bots, you play against real other players from all over the world, who also control war planes. Of course, like in a war, you are going against one another, so try to take the other airplanes down before they manage to do the same thing to you as well. Also, capturing the flag is another objective that you should keep in mind. Now, let's tell you more about the game, such as the controls, so you start playing it more prepared and with more confidence! Use the WASD keys to fly, the left mouse button to shoot, and C to enter the cockpit. No matter what mode of game you choose to play, server, or team, simply do your best, and you are sure to enjoy the game to the max! Start the fun right now, and make sure to check out other brilliant games from the same brilliant category!


Use WASD, C, mouse.


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achasmaster 17.03.2019 05:40

booooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this game is cheap

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