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Ambidextrous 0 is the newest addition of our website to both the 2 Player Games and Skill Games categories from our website, which we believe is a combination that you do not get to see that often, and precisely for that reason we hope that none of you are going to miss out on the chance to play this game, since we are sure that most of you have never before had the chance of playing it, meaning that you are going to be having a fresh and interesting new experience, like only on our website you can have. Of course, we explain the format right here, so pay attention, and then start having fun with the game! The player controlling the left hand uses WASD to move, and enter for action, while the player controlling the right hand uses the arrows to move, and space for action. In each new level, work together to get past all of the obstacles in your path, and use your skills to solve any puzzle that might come before you! Simple as that! Will you do it? Follow on-screen tips, since we are sure you will find them very helpful! Start the fun right now, and why not check out other games from our website after?


P1: WASD, enter. P2: arrows, space.


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