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While action games have been added in the past in our category of Multiplayer Games, we know for a fact that never before in it have you played any games such as Magic Arena Multiplayer, considering that this is a game in which instead of bullets, you are going to be battling each other using spells and magic, so we have a feeling many of you are going to love this experience, since this is not something that you get to play every day, that's for sure! From the following part of this description you will be able to learn what to do in the game, so we recommend reading it! You can play against the computer, but we recommend you try out the multiplayer mode, and try to defeat real people in magic combat. You can decide to be either a wizard or a vampire. You can use all sorts of magic spells and attacks, and the stronger you get, the stronger they get as well. Your mana is what is needed to use them, so be careful how you use it, since it is limited. Use WASD to move, right mouse button to aim, the left one to cast a spell, and with the mouse scroll you switch between spells. Good luck, and we hope you have a great time here today!


Use the WASD keys, mouse.


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