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Welcome to a brand new game from the The Pooches Games category here on, where all day we have been releasing new games to the category, as we have seen that you are enjoying playing them very much. We are talking about a game called Gene Puzzle, which features Gene, who is the genius child of the family, who always studies, gets straight a's, and is always doing the right thing. This puzzle game is looking like a lot of fun, right? It will be for sure, especially after you are done reading the description and you will know how to solve the puzzle properly. When you begin the game, all the pieces will have already been shuffled and thrown randomly on the game screen. Using the mouse you are going to take the pieces and drag them on the screen, binding one to another to form the picture. If you look closely at the form of the pieces and their images, you can't have problems solving the puzzle. Easy-peasy, right? Well, what are you waiting for? Try this new game right now, and remember, the next day is also going to be filled with great games on our website, maybe even from this category, so remember to visit us again!


Use the mouse.

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